7 Ways to Handle Stress During a Job Interview

Being interviewed for a job is a very stressful occasion. You are trying to put your best self forward and make a good impression. You have things that you want to be sure to tell the interviewer but you also have to pay attention to what they are asking and answer their questions intelligently. Here are seven ways to handle stress during a job interview.

  • Practice
    Take some time before your interview and practice what you want to say. You can find interview questions on the web that will help you prepare. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel during the interview and the less stress will bother you. Find a friend who can quiz you with questions and be honest with you about your answers. The more you practice the less stressed you will feel.
  • Visualize success
    If you see yourself having a successful interview and getting the job it is more likely to happen. Visualization can help you relax and be able to handle whatever the interview throws your way. A key to visualization is to do it the night before the interview and a few minutes before you get started. See yourself working for the company you are interviewing with. You will be more relaxed and less likely to stress out when you use visualization techniques.
  • Research
    Research the company before your interview. The more you know about the company the better prepared you will be to answer the interviewer’s questions. Also you can ask intelligent questions at the end of the interview. The more knowledge you have the less stressed you will feel.
  • Meditation
    Practice some meditation the night before and during the time leading up to your interview. There are meditation apps available to help you with guided meditation or you can just close your eyes and slow down your breathing. “Focusing on your breathing helps you clear your mind and obtain a sense of clarity. You will be relaxed and ready to go when your name is called to begin your interview,” suggests an expert from Mint Resume.
  • Music
    Listening to your favorite tune can help you relax before your interview. Humming along in the car can take your mind off of the stressful thoughts you are having. Do not be afraid to sing along and release the stress that has been building up before the interview.
  • Avoid negatives
    When you are stressed you tend to focus on the negatives. You think that the interview will go badly and that you will be late. Stop focusing on the negative and think positively. Know that you will be putting the best of yourself forward during the interview and the interviewer will be happy to hire you.
  • Sleep
    The night before you interview be sure to get a good night’s sleep. You will feel rested and ready to take on anything once you have slept well. Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to a buildup of stress and may result in a bad interview. Be sure to get your zzzz’s the night before so you will be rested and refreshed.

Being stressed out will result in problems with your interview. Use the above tips to keep yourself focused and happy. Remember, you would not have been called for an interview if they did not see your potential. Prove to them that you are the one they want to hire by remaining calm and focused during your interview. The more calm you are the more secure you will be when answering whatever questions your interviewer throws your way. Stay calm, focus, and your interview will be over before you know it.