The benefits of learning something new can never be over-emphasized or gainsaid. Unique pieces of information broaden our perspectives, help us to adapt to new situations successfully, deepen our characters, and boost our productivity, to mention but a few! That is why it is necessary to make deliberate efforts to learn new things every day.

We want to help you to do that. For one, there are infinite ways of learning new things. To help you get started, we come up with 7 interesting and fun ways to learn something new every day. Start your journey to learn something new every day by checking our list below:

#1: Follow the “Featured Article” List on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is undoubtedly the giant of all the knowledge websites. As such, you ought to also think of establishing a firm presence there. One way of achieving this is through following the “Featured Article” List. The list demonstrates news and other latest info that span diverse topics and demonstrates the world’s latest trends.

#2: Listening to podcasts

Most podcasts are produced and released on a daily basis. Moreover, they also cover a wide range of topics, not to mention being produced by different artists and influential personalities. You may also think of subscribing to the podcasts and having yourself constantly bombarded with fresh information every day you wake up.

#3: Play the quiz of the day

Gaining knowledge in and of itself is not enough. You have to test your knowledge as well. This, you do, by playing trivia games that tend to ascertain your mastery of different subjects. Also, playing such a quiz helps you “get smarter” and stand apart from the others in your class. Start with this Quiz of the day and make sure to practice every day to improve your general knowledge and sharpen your mind. The best thing is that it’s fun and takes only 2-3 minutes. 

#4: Follow “Your Daily Art”

Do you love art or wish to gain more information about it? If you nodded in the affirmative to either question, you might wish to follow “Your Daily Art.” This site is dedicated to showcasing works of art. Each day, the site demonstrates to the users the new works of art along with captions to provide more information.

#5: Boost your vocabulary

You can never claim to be great at gaining new knowledge without boosting your vocabulary as well. To achieve this, you may wish to read “The Free Dictionary” or subscribe to its feeds. Other than merely displaying tricky words and their meanings, the site also has lots of other features. These include “Today’s Birthday,” “Article of the Day,” “This Day in History,” and “In the News.”

#6: Following the ‘Daily Infographic’

Infographics are quick ways of absorbing new pieces of information. That is because they display the information in pictorial form. You may follow the ‘Daily Infographic’ as a starting point. It showcases new pieces of information daily and thus keeps you updated constantly. Moreover, you only take a paltry 15 minutes to get the point!

#7: Check out

There are many great articles on numerous topics on If you don’t know, it’s a  blogging platform, but it usually has great content and up exciting stuff. You can just follow the home page or follow a specific publication. If you are an entrepreneur, I recommend you follow “The Startup” publication for great articles on this subject. 


Needless to say, the list above is not exhaustive. There are indeed infinite other alternatives to learn new things every day. Hence, it is in your best interest to expand your horizons to other areas that we may have inevitably left out of the list above. That is the surest way of making better progress and performances.

The internet remains the best avenue to try out your learning. That is informed because many resources that demonstrate new knowledge are largely based online these days. Furthermore, the internet is easier to access and displays the knowledge requested within the shortest time possible.