Feeling beautiful inside-out can help you meet life with confidence and style, but it’s not always easy. The demands of work and family, the distractions of the 24-7 media cycle, and a high-stress lifestyle can make it a challenge to show up looking and feeling your best. It’s a good idea to not make your routine overly complicated on your journey toward beauty and wellness; a few minor adjustments and additions can make a world of difference. Here are several ways to enhance your inner and outer beauty every day.

1 Positive Self-talk

Speaking to yourself gently and lovingly is one of the most important things you can do. Whether you cultivate positive self-talk from within or with the assistance of a power greater than yourself, remember to get in touch with the source of this positivity every day. No matter how you feel, accept thoughts that say you are lovely and worthy — and if it helps, read inspirational material that helps to reinforce an inner sense of beauty and peace.

2. Exercise 

Exercise is a cornerstone of health and energy. Both are essential for maximizing a glowing, vital appearance. If you’re feeling a bit down, your energy level is probably down as well. If you get in a workout or a quick walk, you’ll feel an instant boost of energy and mood. Long term, regular exercise will give you a leaner, more lively look that translates into individual beauty. Your skin will thank you, too. Need a regimen to maximize the radiance of your skin even more? Do a search for a natural skin care routine that you can work easily into your schedule.

3. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most crucial meal of your day. No matter when you eat it, be sure that it’s nutritionally dense, low in sugar, and provides the fuel you need to meet the day. It’s important that your blood sugar remains stable, so you don’t overeat at lunchtime. Make your breakfast ritual a pleasurable, nurturing experience that communicates care for yourself. It’s even better if you have a lovely place to sit with a journal or an inspirational book.

4. Get Dressed 

Being clean and dressed will help get you out of a low place. Take a shower if it helps, and put on a favorite outfit — something you feel beautiful in. It might be anything from jeans, to a dress, to yoga pants. The most important thing is that you feel good wearing it. And if you can, show it off! Walk down your work hall or down the sidewalk and greet everyone you meet. Put out some positive energy, and you’ll get it back.

5. Makeup and Hair

You might not wear makeup on a daily basis, but if you wear at least a bit, it might make you feel better. Just a little can highlight your natural features. There are many new skincare-like products that go on like gentle creams and are a pleasure to use. Just a small amount will highlight your features. Likewise, using a bit of dry shampoo and styling your hair gently can make your hair frame your face and flatter your look.

6. Reaching Out

To feel beautiful on the inside out, don’t discount the value of supportive friendships — especially with other women. Even if you’re feeling down, reach out for a coffee date or a walk, and enjoy the beauty of the present moment. You’ll feel refreshed and lighter.

7. Music

Music is a powerful influencer of mood and you can use it to create and reinforce a fluid, beautiful state of being. Dance is an especially good way to do it. Find your favorite tracks and dance around the room! Outside is even better. You’ll feel happier and more beautiful right away.

Try a few of these routines to feel more beautiful every day. You’ll notice more energy, positivity, and a focus on the good things in life.