Manifest Partner

7 Ways To Manifest Your Perfect Partner in 2020!

Dating is not easy. We all have heard that, or even experienced it, so many times. In today’s times, it can feel like one of the most challenging, scary, time consuming, expensive, and overrated activities to participate in. With the many different apps, websites and match services, one can end up feeling overwhelmed. What is meant to be a fun and carefree activity can actually end up causing anxiety and restlessness. Too many options leaves us feeling like we have no options. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was single, optimistic, and open to meeting that special someone. I had learned from my previous experiences that I had to make some changes within myself to really bring in that perfect partner that I wished to be with. I had even begun to feel that he was on his way.

That intuition and clarity was because of my self-love, self-compassion, and #bossbabe confidence. I finally knew my worth. I had brought myself to that “good feeling” place where I knew all was well for me. I had to rediscover myself before I got to this place. And the very first step was learning how to declare my intention to the Universe.

1. Date yourself first

When was the last time you took yourself out to your favorite restaurant? How about going on a walk or bicycle ride around town? These are just a few examples of the kind of activities you can do while dating yourself. Dating yourself automatically puts you in a mindset that can comfortably bring out your true feelings and gives you the opportunity to contemplate how you truly feel about yourself. By being kind to yourself and investing your free time into yourself, with care and consideration, you can begin to confront self-perceptions based on fear and doubt. Only then will you be able to release them for good.

2. Practice self-compassion

When you feel compassionate toward yourself, you begin to let your guard down and heal those wounds from childhood, and from many years after that. Every day, make the intention to feel compassion for yourself. Be gentle and kind when you talk to yourself, because your self is listening. Your inner dialogue should be loving and kind towards your desires and dreams, whether they are realistic or blissfully childlike.

3. Learn how to say yes and no

Say yes to more of the things that make you feel positive and happy. Say no to things that consistently make you feel down, restless, or sad. You deserve good things in life, and you do not need to please anyone. Make a commitment to slowly change your habits, one smart choice at a time. If you no longer want to attend that event, then excuse yourself. The better you feel, the better life feels to you. Our brains, bodies, and emotions shape our world.

4. Think and act authentically

Don’t let others’ beliefs and experiences shape your reality. As we grow and rise in the workplace and start building relationships, we encounter many challenging experiences that shape our very unique personal perspectives. Being authentic can really help you to create those perfect relationships that resonate with you on so many levels. When you are being yourself by tactfully speaking your truth without the expectations of your environment, you will show the world who you are and who you synchronize with. This will help the world bring you that perfect partner who will love and accept exactly who you are.

5. Upgrade your inner circle

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are your friends a positive force of support for you? You become who you spend time with, so if you have found yourself surrounded by negative or even toxic people, then you will soon face the same challenges that follow them. Seek out those successful, kind, loving, genuinely empowering people. People who support your vision and goals. Those extraordinary friends who will show up for you and brighten your world, not the ones who bring you down and make you question yourself.

6. Upgrade your mindset

It’s true what we hear — it’s all about mindset! With every successful person we know, we learn that mindset had a BIG role in their success. What is your mindset towards meeting your perfect partner? What is your expectation? Have you been entertaining a critical voice inside your head, or are being loving and compassionate with yourself and telling yourself “I love you”? Saying I love you to yourself is the best way to become confident and powerfully authentic. So shift your mindset and trust that you will meet the perfect partner who is looking for someone just like YOU.

7. Meditate and visualize

Meditation will quiet your mind, which will raise your vibration. Meditation can bring about awareness of inner dialogue and slow your critical self-talk. After you acknowledge both the positive and negative inner dialogue that’s happening in your mind, you can slowly and gently make conscious decisions to release old, unhelpful patterns of thoughts. This can be a very transformative experience and lead to enlightenment. Visualizing the experiences you want to have and feeling those lovely emotions will create harmony inside of you, and with those feelings, you will release resistance, which can help match you to your perfect partner. When your body, mind, and emotions are aligned, you are blissful, and will therefore attract more of these wonderful types of experiences.

Having a beautiful, divine relationship is not unattainable. But we must first let love in and remember to go with the flow. Everything is temporary, including certain relationship statuses. When we shift our perspective and sit with ease and calmness, we open ourselves up to attract harmonious experiences into our lives. So go ahead and start loving yourself just a little more today and you may find yourself fully ready for your perfect partner.