Recharge Yourself to Stay Happy at Work

Childhood days are only days that people usually cherish the most because there was no stress or any sort of responsibility just sleep and play whole day. But them arrives adulthood, where the you’ve to unwillingly participate in the race of life- school days, college days, employment, family- all these aspects create a level of pressure on humans.

So how could someone find happiness or refreshing in their day-to-day office time as working environment impact the human behavior tremendously because they spend 9 hours of their day life in office? Well, here are 7 effective ways that can help you stay happy at work:

  • Take quick Powernap-

If you are a lazy type of person who doesn’t like to engage themselves in recharging activities, then taking a power nap can be extremely helpful. However, it is impossible to lie down in office, so you just sit straight, close your eyes for a while and breathe in gently. This process will help you rejuvenate yourself within seconds and increase your energy levels.

  • Travel

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us – you might have heard. Stress is prevalent in our lives, be it more or less. To be happy you need to eliminate this silent killer from your life and traveling can help you in this. Just planning a vacation keeps your mind off everyday stress. Travel improves mental well-being. Visiting a destination – abounding with natural beauty, takes you to a zone that is free of the humdrum of a busy life. Why not travel to Bhutan – one of the happiest countries in the world? Bhutan Tourism allows you to get acquainted with the life of some of the happiest souls of the earth. Or, if you have some days spare, visit Nepal as Nepal Tourism welcomes you to soak in the beauty of nature.

  • Stand and walk around-

Sitting in front of your system for hours can physically drain you out and you’ll feel irritated more. So it is advisable to stand and walk around your office premises to take break from your work. Sometimes when you continuously keep working you cannot entirely focus, which ultimately hampers the productivity. That’s the reason walking around or talking with your colleagues can help you a lot to stay happy and proactive.

  • Do meditation-

There’s nothing better than meditation to keep your mind healthy and your mood fresh. Big angel investors like Noah Kagan and Tim Ferries have talked about the benefits of mediation in various seminars as they’ve applied the same on themselves.You make use of apps like Headspace that offer guided mediation. So choose the 15mins meditation guidance that you can easily follow while working and stay work appropriately.

  • Drink tea or water-

Drinking 8 glass of water can not only keep your body hydrated, but also reduce the laziness in your body. However, it is not possible for everyone to drink so much of water; one can drink water whenever they feel irritated or boring. More so, tea and coffee also raises the energy levels of the body. If you don’t like drinking enough water, you can have a cup of tea or coffee and chat with your colleagues to refresh your thoughts.

  • Jot down your goals and ways to overcome the challenges that you may encounter-

This is one of the best ways to keep yourself refreshed. Write down your goals and ways to achieve to it on a piece of paper. And reread these practices everyday you’ll better and automatically a driving energy will hit your mind that will keep you proactive all day. More so, we all know that nothing can be achieved easily or with no efforts and you’ll come across various challenges. So find an effective approach that will help you to stay a step ahead of all the challenges.

  • Participate in everyday activities-

Many companies give employees sometime to rejuvenate them by playing music for half an hour or playing working games like Quiz, or motivational meetings. It is important that you participate in such activities and try to win every competition. These types of activities either weekly or daily can help you a lot to stay happy internally. You won’t feel like that you should not go to office next day!

  • Get into discussions-

Advising your colleagues or getting group discussion can greatly impact your body and your mood as well. So without any hesitation while chatting with your office friends discuss something motivational things with them that would be both ways-you’ll be acquiring knowledge and they’ll soaking your thoughts.