Right across the globe, there are thousands of people who are isolated from their loved ones and their family. Quarantine or border closures have made this necessary. I’m one of those individuals. Unable to visit his kids, who are 752kms away in Newcastle, NSW. Now by no means am I the most harshly treated person on this planet. There are people in far worst situations than I, including those fighting for their lives. But it does take a mental strain and stress when you are away from people that you love for that period, and you can see no end in sight.

I live in Brisbane, Queensland, which is 752kms north of Newcastle where my three kids, Aniston, Braith & Jordie live. While I can’t be there with them in person, I want them to know that I am always with them in their heart.

I’m going to try to turn this negative into a positive. For the next 100 days, I am going to be running at least 8 km a day to run those 752kms. Exercise is proven to be good for your mental health, and I would encourage anybody else who might be out there, feeling a little bit down because of isolation, being away from family and loved ones, to get out there and exercise. Make sure that we keep our social distance, but looking after our mental health and our physical health as well.

Now the only thing that will stop me from achieving this goal is if I do happen to get struck down with COVID-19 or fall ill, but otherwise, even if the government shuts us down and puts us in our homes, I can still walk from one side of the bedroom to the other and run up and down the stairs inside the townhouse. Nothing else will stop me from hitting that 752kms.

I’ve already started. I’ve had three stops so far. One at the virtual 7-11, one at the virtual Shell and unfortunately, one at the virtual tavern, but due to the shutdown laws at the moment I wasn’t able to stop in for a frothy top, but I’m sure I will next time. I’ll be posting every couple of days, and if anyone wants to follow along and jump on this hashtag as well. I’d love to see what other people are doing to manage their mental health, especially if they are in an isolated situation from their loved ones and family members. #7524U