“An independent woman is not recognized by what she wears but by her attitude towards life! Female independence has been in vogue since the beginning of the 20th century when the first suffragettes took to the streets. Since then, women have been divided into professional and domestic tasks.” says Priya Kapur.

She adds “A central feature of the personality of this type of woman is the ability to act without the need to forcefully please others. They follow their own values, but without leaving aside the concern for the collective. That is your feminine instinct.”

Each woman is unique, but there are characteristics that only the independent ones adopt. Here are some characteristics shared by Priya Kapur for an independent woman!

1. Is not waiting for the prince charming

The independent woman does not deposit her happiness in the presence of a man. If the prince charming appears before an independent woman, she will not change her posture. He will have to win it!

2. Has a proactive stance

She may have a thousand problems, but she doesn’t focus on them, but on how to solve them. Hardly an independent woman will spend her life regretting because she prefers to fight for better days. This does not mean that she is blind to the wrong things. It means that she is busy creating solutions.

3. They are fashionistas by nature

The typical posture of the independent woman in fashion is basically to wear the piece she wants to wear. In other words, it is far from being a Maria-go-with-the-others! Although attuned to trends, she chooses among the trends that she likes most and takes the opportunity to create combinations of clothes, accessories and semi-jewellery.

You don’t need to have a defined style. With leopard pumps or jeans and a T-shirt, she wears what makes her feel good about herself!

4. Works and wants to have financial independence

The independent woman, under the circumstances, may not even be financially autonomous, but that will be her goal. Entrepreneur, engineer, manicurist, hairdresser, cleaning lady or actress: no matter the profession. She wants to earn her own living by doing her job.

5. Is sincere with children

When she is a mother, the independent woman acts like a true lioness for the welfare of her children. She knows that loved children are more likely to become safe and independent adults like her. Therefore, it unfolds in love, dedication and dialogue – while remaining firm in education.

6. Defends the rights of other women

Hardly a truly independent woman is indifferent to the struggles of other women. In general, it accompanies causes, such as the fight against domestic violence and inequality in the labour market. She manages to do all of that and still maintain a cinema look, no problem!

7. An independent woman likes to be loved and is not arrogant

She does not need to prove her independence to anyone, as the source of her strength is natural and comes from within. For this reason, independent women often know how to be affectionate and sweet to the people around them.

8. Go to the bathroom alone

It seems a silly detail, but it is not! An independent woman can even go to the bathroom with her friend in a bar, but she only does it because she wants to. She does not feel insecure to go to the toilet unaccompanied.

So, did you recognize yourself in these characteristics of the independent woman? Remember that each woman has her own personality and that those who are truly independent respect the individuality and style of other women.