Whenever you start a task, you may feel highly productive, but you may start losing your concentration with time. If you feel you are not as productive as you used to be when it comes to concentrating on the current task or managing time, here are a few effective ways to recharge your productivity. 

1. Eliminate Distractions:

The biggest enemy of productivity is distractions. While working, make sure to inform everyone around not to disturb you for a few hours. Keep your phone away, turn off email notifications, and if you do not need to work online, turn off the internet so that you do not get disturbed while focusing on work

2. Take Short Breaks:

It has been scientifically observed that taking short breaks between work can help you focus more than you resume. When you are overloaded, you may feel like not wasting even a minute of the day, but that is not how you can finish off the tasks effectively. Taking short breaks will make sure that your mind gets rejuvenated and recharged to be more productive.

3. Do Not Spill Over Weekends:

Many individuals have the habit of taking things light on the weekdays and use weekends to complete the deadlines. Well, you need to take a day or two off every week to just focus on yourself. This self-care is essential for your mental health, which is a big part of refreshing productivity.

4. Reward Yourself:

This system does not work when you reward yourself for all tasks, but remember to gift yourself something if you finish a critical task. This will keep you excited and motivated to get to the finish line.

5. Define Time for a Task:

Working on a task without really calculating how long it will take to finish it is only going to extend the time you will take for the task. Instead, decide upon a time frame you need to complete the task before you even start the task to train your mind to finish off work within the defined time period.

6. Track Your Productivity:

Using productivity tracking tools has helped many keep track of time and tasks, helping them focus more on completing a task and managing time effectively. 

7. Listen to Productivity Boosting Music:

Sometimes playing a bit of music in the background can help you focus more on the task. It’s better to choose non-lyrical music to avoid any distractions and improve productivity.

8. Figure Out Your Most Productive Hours:

While morning people tend to work the best during early hours in the day, late-nighters are more productive during the night-time. Figure out the time that works best for you, and try to use those hours to get the most critical tasks done. 

The Bottom Line:

The current pandemic situation has forced most of us to work from home, where the distractions are higher. To be productive in a space where you live can be tougher than it seems. Remember to allocate a work desk at home for yourself in order to define a proper work zone where your mind can be programmed to focus on work and enter a more productive zone.


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