It is scientifically proven that travelling can be a very peaceful and healthy endeavour that can make you feel great. The famous American-Turkish doctor and TV personality, Dr Mehmet Oz agrees that travelling can make a person healthier. Now it may work differently for everyone but once when I was having stress-related issues, I felt a whole lot better when I went off to visit Bangkok and had fun. This positive mental attitude really affects a person for the better.

  • Goodbye Stress!

In his Forbes Travel Guide article, Dr Oz agreed that travelling can indeed lower stress and make a person feel relaxed. After all, the change of scenery is not just good for pictures but it also allows you to let go of all the stressful thoughts. Normally a place where you can feel the gentle effects of Mother Nature is recommended but if the lively urban life is the ideal stress relieving scenery for you, go for it.

  • Increased Productivity

In fact, when your stress goes down, you tend to be more productive. When you travel around, you leave all the laziness behind. You plan your day and then get right on it to have maximum fun. This can prompt you to take the same stance in your daily life as well. You can plan your day and make sure to get things done. This activeness can make you more productive. And if you ever get tired of the mundane life, book a ticket and go off on another adventure!

  • Helps to Fight Off Depression

Depression is a serious problem but if you take some time to travel somewhere, you’re sure to feel refreshed. In fact, it’s scientifically proved that people who travel around more have a lower risk of getting struck with depression and other similar mental health issues. Travelling to a nice place can give you a sense of delight that you won’t be able to discover in your hometown. It also provides you with this sense of freedom that lets you try new things that you may not have imagined yourself doing. This brings novelty in your life and perhaps things won’t seem all that grey to you.

  • Spreading joy

Scientists and doctors agree that people who travel a lot tend to be more satisfied with their physical health and well-being. Like I mentioned earlier, the new things you discover makes you feel excited which can help make you a happier person. Travelling somewhere gives you this sense of accomplishment that not only makes you feel refreshed but also gives you this giddy feeling of experiencing something new. It’s said that women who frequently travel tend to be happier with their marriages. In fact, romantic vacations are also great for creating a special bond in your relationship.

  • Traveling Improves Cognition

A change in your routine introduces something new for your brain to focus on. Figuring out new routes, getting used to whatever new accommodation you chose and managing your budget during the time you travel all stimulate your brain, giving it new tasks to focus on. This, in turn, makes your brain come up with better innovative ideas even after you return back home. In fact, thanks to this, you’ll experience a boost in your creativity. Some of the greatest artists and inspirational people have made exceptional things by taking a break and travelling to a new and different place. Scientific studies and social experiments show that the levels of creativity and cognition are connected to travelling.

  • Lower’s Anxiety

Anxiety can build because of a lot of different factors. It’s that sense of unease and urgency to get things done even when they are going at a good pace. By travelling, you get to focus on something new hence lowering your anxiety build-up. Travelling is thought to be a stressful task but it’s quite the opposite. A change in focus can do wonders. And the best way to lower your anxiety by travelling is to not make a strict plan. Let your feet take you wherever. This sense of freedom will help a lot because for once you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Increased Confidence

It’s scientifically proved that when you do something on your own and like the results, your confidence and self-esteem goes up. Plus trying out new things without worrying about what people around you would think, you tend to become outgoing with time. This confidence can make your personality seem more dynamic and lively. This confidence can also make you better at your work. Plus it’s simply a great feeling to be able to trust yourself and simply know that you can depend on your own skills.

  • Improved Mood

There is so much more to the world than just our everyday problems. This knowledge will make you an optimistic feeling, keeping things realistic and learning to be more patient with things. I used to always be in a rush but after living my nomadic-style life for a while, I’ve learned to relax every once in a while. I feel a sense of hope because I know for a fact that this world is a wonderfully beautiful place.