No matter if you are a newlywed couple or if you have been married for more than a decade, if you don’t put some effort to boost up your marriage life, everything might fall into pieces. The spouses must constantly take care of each other, add more romance than usual, and avoid patterns of mundanity. Constant stress, hectic lifestyle, work overload, boredom, lack of communication and other unpredictable issues can make couples fall apart. In order to avoid that from happening and to have a solid and successful marriage you need to get some work done, and a lot of it. Here are the best tips that you can implement in order to have a successful marriage.

Listen to each other

Even though you might have heard about this from every single person alive, but it really brings positive results. When you have some problems, or when you are feeling down due to some work-related problem, you need to sit down, explain each other what is bothering you and simply listen. You don’t need to come up with a solution (at least not at that very second), only by listening to each other will you be able to overcome any obstacles that lie in front of you.

Be free

Sometimes you just need some time for yourself, separately. Independence is a major factor in a successful marriage. When you have time only for yourself to do whatever your heart desires, without interruption or constant nagging from the other side, you will be more willing to do other things together. Spouses should spend some time apart to do the things that the like and refill with energy and enthusiasm. Once you re-establish your sense of self, you will become more content, grateful, self-aware, and above all ready continue with other chores and marriage-life responsibilities.

“Love” Communication

Words can easily fade out. After a certain period of time the words “I love you” tends to become a mere repetitive action. You should try to show your love in some other form. Express how much you love your partner by doing some things that he or she likes. Since actions speak louder than words, try to communicate in that way. Wash the dishes or iron the clothes before your partner comes home, or wash your partner’s car or make him his favorite meal more often, and so on. Observe the physical way in which your partner shows love, and communicate in that manner.

Spice it up

Sex plays a vital role in marriage, if not the main role. The most important thing is not to get entangled in doing the same old tricks and poses. First of all, sex should be regular. Secondly, it should be interesting and spicy. It is a good thing to add some juice to your marriage life and try some completely new things in the bed. For example, try challenging poses, do some role-play or get some fun and intriguing sex toys, and take your intimacy to a whole new level.

Compliment each other

What you have and what you have accomplished throughout your marriage is extremely important to cherish unconditionally, but you also need to show it more openly. By acknowledging your partner’s positive attributes every day, you give him/her a clear insight of your true and honest love. When you keep track of what your spouse does, compliment him/her on a job well done, stay positive rather than focusing on the negative stuff instead, you will make your relationship even tighter.

Go for an adventure

One of the secret recipes for a successful marriage is trying to make your week, if not the day, utterly interesting and adventurous. Without prior planning go for a spa weekend getaway and make it fun and sensual. For instance, surprise your partner with an unexpected gift such as sexy lingerie or hot chocolate massage. Or why not go for a trip to France, or do something that will blow your partner’s mind like buying a ticket to see his/her favorite artist. Be unpredictable, and romantic as well, try to reminisce about the past days when you were head over heels about each other. Go for a picnic on a whim, rent a cabin in the woods and just bring a bottle of wine.

Don’t take each other for granted

Taking one another for granted is the worst thing that you can do in any relationship. Don’t try to get too comfortable in a relationship, because then you will sleep into an unwanted expectation form. Sometimes, as humans, we can’t avoid getting comfortable with what is familiar, but if that occurs try not to take one another for granted. Avoid any forms of assumption, and pledge respect whatever might happen.

Take responsibility

Think about your marriage as an ongoing (or never-ending) project. Once you set your mind to complete the project, you have to dedicate your full care and attention. The same goes with marriage, you have to strive for success, and with that take responsibility for any flaws or mistakes you might have done. When you and your partner have a disagreement or an argument, admit that you have made a mistake, take responsibility, apologize and move on.

Always be by each others side, give support, go out from time to time, keep the intimacy alive and laugh. With all of that combined, success is guaranteed.