entrepreneurship lessons from my sister

As far as I can remember, my sister has always been very hardworking and dedicated. However, this year something amazing happened, she finally succeeded in making her marketing and advertisement company properly established.

It was quite a long journey and there was something that I learned from her that I will be sharing in the blog here.

Work Smart But Harder

It’s the 21st century and not everyone speaks in favour of speaking for working harder.
However, the best thing about working hard is that it can certainly boost your chances of getting lucky.
Moreover, if you can also get lucky and you are a smart worker who works very hard – things are going to get into your favour.

Doing What You Love Will Make You Happier

When you do something that you love you tend to feel more positive about yourself.

Julie Perl

And it also helps in satisfying your soul in the long run. The life can be long so why not try and achieve something you always wanted to do?
It was also mentioned in the book “Lost Connections” that if you do something you love, is one of the factors that can keep you away from depression and anxiety.

Success? It will take time.

No, I am not talking about 40 to 60 weeks, but years.

Being successful is not something that can happen in 12 to 24 hours, sometimes it will take decades.

Be patient and keep on working towards your goals.

You have to always remember that there are so many people who give us just after working for a few months.
It’s not easy, I once read: “If it was easy everyone would be doing it.”
It not tough either, but it requires persistence in the right directions, so don’t be scared to spend the precious time that you possess.

Business skills are more important than the actual skills themselves.

I remember it was 2016, and I was with a famous fashion photographer who said that 8 out of 10 photographers will not be able to make it successfully.
I was curious so I asked, “Why?”
“Because of the business skills”

I started my career as a photographer at a very your age when I was 19. I was working as a cinematographer with a documentary filmmaker, but as I started working as a freelance, I witnessed a little bit of downfall in my career, and it was then when I realised that there are more than skills that are required.
And that’s why when my sister stepped in like a gladiator of marketing and business skills.
She taught me a lot about business and other things that are equally essentials for artists to be successful.
Business skills do not only consist of getting dressed in a suit and convincing people to sell. That’s a stereotyped view of insurance salesman and saleswomen.

Learning business means to learn how to write properly, how to communicate effectively with people, how to listen to the client about their requirements and other thousands of things I learned from her.

Whatever Happens, Always Keep on Learning

“No matter what happens in your life, always keep on learning.”

You always should learn something, that way you will be able to utilise your knowledge when you need it.

Julie Perl

Success consists of several different types of knowledge that you possess in your life, and then you make good use of it.

Even though there are so many great people who are very skilled at what they do. You should always be informed about how the world works.

Be Humble And Kind.

The journey can be long, there is no need to blame others for our failures when we can always try to improve our circumstances. Also, there is no need to panic or treat other people badly. In the long run, it’s not worth anything.

If you tend to be shy, try being successful!

I know it’s not an OTG medicine, but being successful can drastically improve your shyness.

I have always witnessed people having a drastic positive change in their personality as they become successful.
Success has more to offer you than you can imagine.

Thank you so much for reading. You can get in touch with me. You can also read my blog.