If you’re like most teenagers, then you should expect to wear braces for a minimum of eighteen months. But the good news is, you can expect to have a beautiful and radiant smile after the braces have been removed. Indeed, you may even forget the feelings of not having braces, and you can be forgiven for doing so. However, apart from this smile, you should be prepared for some other things after your braces are removed.

First, you need an adjustment period the same way you adjusted when you had the braces on. Apart from the adjustment period, here are eight other things you should expect:

1.You’re Just Starting the Retention Phase of Your Treatment

You need to understand that you’re not yet done with your orthodontic treatment.

You will be starting the next phase of your treatment (the retention phase), and during this phase, you will have to wear a retainer to maintain your smile. If you neglect this phase of your treatment, it might become awkward for you to hold a smile properly.

2. Settling May Occur

After removing your braces, it is highly likely that your teeth will settle slightly. But don’t worry, it is natural and expected. Despite putting on your retainer in the right manner, you might observe some slight shift to your teeth.

3.A Discolored Appearance of Your Teeth

Don’t be disheartened that your teeth are now yellow or stained after your braces have been removed. This is also natural, and you can remove them with teeth whitening treatments. It is possible for you to have areas of decalcification on your teeth — they are spots on your teeth and are usually tiny and whitish. If you live nearby Boston, you can have it properly examined by your dentist in Massachusetts area and he will guide you on how to remove them easily.

4.Painful Feeling

Getting the braces on and off is similar. Hence, to get them off, your dentist might apply a little force. Though you may feel slight pain in your teeth and gums after getting home. However, you are advised not to eat anything that will involve using your jaw.

5.Easier Brushing and Flossing

There is no need to be careful around your braces anymore. You can resume your usual oral hygiene routine and throw away your special flossing tools and brushes that you use for your braces. Word of caution: the fact that it is now easy for you to maintain clean teeth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes.

6.The Strange Feeling During Eating

Remember how strange you felt the first time you had your braces and tried to eat? You are going to have the same strange feeling again when the braces are off. The reason is that you are now used to chewing some of your foods with your brackets. But now, you’re free to use any part of your teeth to eat food including hard candy, gum, and popcorn.

7. Bony Tissue in Your Lips

Otherwise called calluses, these bony tissues are the natural by-product of using metal brackets for a long period. Most times, you won’t observe or feel their presence till your braces are removed. But do not be worried as they would dissolve over time.

8.A Bright Smile

There is usually a sigh of relief when you remove your braces. You are now confident of showing off your bright and beautiful smile or even a long-lasting laugh. Your friends and family can’t help but notice the evenness of your teeth.


A bright, straight and beautiful smile is often the main reason why a lot of people undergo orthodontic treatment. Hence, the real question is, do you fancy getting those braces? If yes, your smile and your oral hygiene will be noticeably better after you’ve undergone the treatment.