One of the things I absolutely dislike is going to the grocery store and putting away groceries. I just want it magically organized. In my impatience to get it done, I found myself stuffing my pantry after the recent grocery visit. . As you may have already guessed, it resulted in quite a mess. 

Have you fully realized the ‘mess’ that gets created when we refuse to let go, either of old habits like I mentioned above or of old beliefs that no longer serve us? 

The mess in my pantry got me thinking about what else in my life I have refused to let go of. What was the cost of hanging on to an old habit or a story that I dislike putting away groceries? You see, life is always giving us opportunities to learn and expand. This time the lesson came in the form of groceries. 

So, let me ask you, visionary “ where in your life are you finding yourself in resistance?” That will show you what you’re yet unwilling to let go. 

Like Joseph Campbell said “ We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that’s waiting for us”.

In my latest episode in “Create Your Vibrant Life Podcast”  #49 “Why You Need To Let Go To Achieve Success”, you will discover eight fundamental things that we need to let go for success, in order to create your vibrant life.

  1. Beliefs and thoughts that are no longer serving you.
    Most people get trapped in thoughts regarding their current circumstances. However, you may or may not recognize that these thoughts are based on past experiences which doesn’t exist. This means that in essence, you’re re-creating the past, aren’t you. So, in order to have a different outcome, you need to let go of your beliefs about this current circumstance, correct?
  2. Let go of the past.
    What if the past is just a measure to see how far you have come. If every experience is here to teach you something, what can you learn from it?
  1. Let go of control.
    Control is an illusion. Control can show up as logic, as rational thoughts, but ultimately, control is driven by fear. If you paid attention to your control thoughts, you will notice a theme of fear. 
  1. Let go of perfectionism.
    Wanting things to be perfect is also driven by fear of judgment. If you don’t let go of this, you will constantly be in a place of getting ready to get ready. When you focus on service, this will die out very quickly.
  1. Letting go of judgement, specifically “what will ‘people’ think”.
    This is basic survival fear. It’s a protection from feeling shame. This is vital to let go in order to create what you desire. People will always judge. Hey, I am sure you’re judging me even if it is a positive one, reading this blog post. So, let this go very quickly please.  
  1. Letting go of resistance.
    Acceptance is the antidote to resistance. Consider that. 
  1. Letting go of comparison.
    You’re unique. There’s no one on this planet with your specific make up and there will be no one. So, embrace your uniqueness and live your life fully. 
  1. Letting go of undervaluing yourself.
    Notice how often you put yourself down. Watch your inner dialogue when you see yourself in the mirror. What are you saying to yourself? 

I also share details on what it truly means to let go in  the episode. So, please listen to it  here. Share your takeaways by tagging me on Instagram.