Having a healthy routine is very important for the body and the mind.  To maintain a healthy routine, it is important to leave old and counterproductive habits behind, such as sleepless nights, unregulated food and a sedentary lifestyle.

We have prepared a complete post for you with nine tips to have a healthy routine and improve your day. Check out!

1. Sleep Well

Quality sleep is important for a productive day. A sleepless night can bring chaos to your mornings and evenings. You are drowsy, unfocused, tired and with a high level of stress.

Sleeping well is important for a healthy routine, because it is at night that the body produces important hormones, such as growth hormones, and fixes memory and learning.

To sleep well, create a ritual, which can start with a warm, relaxing bath. Make the room as dark as possible and avoid blue light from TV screens and smartphones. Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol at the end of the day.

Aromatherapy can help you sleep better. Essential oils of lavender, chamomile and valerian have properties that help to relax, reduce anxiety and fight insomnia. Drop a few drops of oil on the pillow minutes before going to bed.

2. Wake up early

After a peaceful night’s sleep, wake up early! The habit of getting up in the early hours of the morning helps to build a productive routine.

Those who are not yet a morning person, but would like to become one, can start with the basics: waking up 2 or 3 hours earlier than usual, having breakfast, doing physical activity, cutting down on caffeine at the end of the day, sleeping one little earlier than usual hours and avoid using electronic devices at night.

It is important to have discipline and follow this routine for a few weeks – including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Over time, your biological clock will understand the change and adapt.

Although waking up early can have a positive impact on your routine, it is not a habit that works for everyone, as not everyone is more productive in the morning. Pay attention to your pace and what time of day you make the most.

3. Drink Water

Although it is very clear to everyone that it is necessary to drink water, this is not always put into practice. Dehydration hinders the elimination of secretions, affects cognitive performance and mood, and hinders bowel function. For these and other factors, drink water!

The water will keep the body hydrated for the intestine to work better, the skin will be more beautiful and the toxins will be eliminated.

4. Practice physical activity

The benefits of regular physical activity are undeniable: it improves fitness, controls blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes and heart attack, raises immunity, contributes to posture, avoids weight gain and fights stress.

According to slimymed “Choose the exercise that most identifies you, which can be walking, dancing, running, swimming, pilates, weight training or CrossFit. The modality does not matter, but the frequency.”

5. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is able to shield the heart from a heart attack and prevent diabetes. Include whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, lean meats, skim milk, yoghurt, seeds in general and olive oil in your diet plan. Add high-fibre, antioxidant foods to meals. Avoid soda, salt, refined carbohydrates (white rice and cookies), fatty and sweet foods.

The consumption of ultra-processed foods, such as snacks, soft drinks, chocolate and cookies, is not beneficial for the body.

A balanced diet contributes to a healthy routine and the benefits will come in the medium and long term.

6. Spend Time With Your Family 

Find a gap in the agenda to stay with the family. If you have children, make fun outdoor programs or involve children in preparing a healthy recipe. They will love it!

Over the weekend, how about going for a bike ride in the park? It is a program that allows complete family interaction, in addition to encouraging the practice of physical activity in children from an early age.

Another tip is to help the kids every day with school tasks or just sit around the dinner table to chat. These daily minutes with the family will be rewarding.

7. Relax

Take a break from your daily appointments to relax a little. This can happen with reading a book, meditation, stretching, a walk in the park, learning something new and with a series marathon. Anyway, find an activity to disconnect from the routine.

Reserve this moment to recharge your batteries, making your return to work more productive and full of new ideas. As simple as it may seem, it is an attitude that will make a difference in the construction of a legal routine.

8. Take care of yourself

After taking care of the family, focus your efforts on your own well-being. Get home and take a relaxing bath, take care of your skin and moisturize your hair. Give this award to your body and mind.

Do the ritual before bed to relax even more and get a night of regenerative sleep to face another morning.

Use these tips for a healthy routine and promote changes in your day to day life. You will feel more rested and more willing to perform at work.