A stress-free life is something that everyone deserves but the question is how to avoid the stress and woes of life?

When life gives you reasons to feel stressed, try to get back your flow; start right from your home. Your home is a place where you want to relax after a long tiring day that’s why you want the environment to be relaxing and fresh.

Here, we shall discuss a few ways to increase the feel-good vibe of your home and enhance the positive flow of energy. The positivity will, in turn, reduce the stress levels and your home will become the best place to be where only tranquillity and peace will prevail.

So, here are a few small things that you can do to change the atmosphere in your home.  

  • De-clutter the interiors

You need to de-clutter your home environment first. Studies have shown that too much clutter can trigger the secretion of the stress hormone. Make your home as much spacious as possible. There are certain things that you don’t need…just discard those things and make your home a hub of positive energy. Don’t let unnecessary things absorb all the positive energy.

  • Strike a balance with the elements of Nature

You need to maintain a balance in your rooms and here we are talking about the balance of elements such as fire, wood, metal, water and earth. You can paint your rooms in neutral colours that are symbolic of these five elements. These elements reduce the toxicity of your home and induce peace and a stress-free atmosphere.

  • Plan and place mirrors

You can strategically place mirrors at home because it is believed that mirrors reflect the energy you can channelize the positive energy present in your home and make your home a positive space. Bring in the positivity and beauty of nature by angling the mirrors strategically. Try not to keep things that emanate negative vibes such as trash cans, etc. Remember that in order to reduce the stress you need positivity and nothing can be better than Mother Nature herself, so try to incorporate her in your positive space.

  • Create a pretty garden

Your house must have a beautiful spacious garden. Gardens are believed to be a space full of peace and serenity where you can forget about all your worries and lose yourself in the warm embrace of nature blissfully. Make the outside space beautiful and your inside space will be beautiful too. Bright colours also bring in happiness and vibrancy in life so try to choose colours that make you feel peachy and delightful always.

  • Install elevators

You can use safe and easy to use home elevators if there is a senior citizen at home in order to avoid any sort of accident or mishap. Create a safe environment for all. By installing one of these fine elevators you can reduce a lot of stress… how? In case you want to move a heavy item to the second floor or say the third floor you don’t have to struggle… rather you know that the elevator will help you and make it cakewalk for you practically. 

  • Dedicate a room for relaxation or meditation

You must have a room of your own or a common room where the family members can relax. We know that each one of us needs some personal space at times and what can be better than having a dedicated relaxing room? This room will save you from the daily woes of life and all the stress… create a relaxing atmosphere where you will be just yourself and try to channelize all the positive energy in yourself to fight all the stress, tough times and escape from the chaos of daily life. You can add a comfy bed or a rocking chair in that room, paint the walls with soothing colours such as lime green, peach, sky blue, etc. may be put a money plant in the room and meditate.

  • Mend all broken and non-functional items

Do not keep broken items at home such as leaky faucets, fused bulbs, tube light that isn’t working anymore, broken lamp or anything that is not in a functioning state. Broken items hamper the positive flow of energy. In order to make all the positive energy flow into your house, you must keep working and functional stuff in your rooms.

  • Keep the furniture neat

Place your furniture very judiciously because this immensely affects the free flow of positive energy. Your furniture mustn’t look chaotic which means a proportion must be maintained. The furniture must match the size of your rooms.

If you follow the points mentioned above you will certainly feel the difference. The free flow of positive energy will make you happy and jovial always.