facebook for job search

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. There are billions of uses using the platform at a single time. Therefore, it is considered the best for multiple different reasons including marketing and job search. Yes, that’s right. Facebook can be effectively used for the purpose of job search if you follow the following tips.

Adjust privacy settings

First and foremost, adjust your profile’s privacy settings. Make your profile searchable. Facebook offers flexibility in privacy and users can control the reach of their profile through settings. Often the account is not searchable at all. However, if you are using Facebook for job search then it should be searchable.

Complete details on profile

Make sure your profile is complete. Especially, the about section should be complete with all your previous work experience and educational background mentioned. Employers often search using the keyword of job positions and your profile will only show up if it is mentioned in the about section.

Facebook status updates

You can control the reach ability of your status updates. There are four options including friends, friends of friends, public and other on each status update. Additionally there are lists also which can be customized and the status updates can be set to be visible to them only. You can set your personal status for family and friends only whereas the professional updates could be set for public or for one of your professional circle lists.

Search within Facebook

You can search specific things within Facebook. For instance, type out ‘job’ and the name of your target company. Or people working at your targeted company so you can connect and network with them. Hence, searching for specifications at Facebook is quite simple.

Follow people of your interests

You can easily follow people of your interests for example the recruiters at your desired companies or experts of your field. Following them will show their updates on your newsfeed and you can easily stay up to date regarding their recent activity. It is not appropriate and even professionally ethical to randomly add the recruiters and higher officials on Facebook, however, following is completely alright and you can stay updated about their posts as well this way.

Discover job leads

No doubt that Facebook is not an official job posting platform but people have been making great use of the platform and its wide usage. There are several groups which target a specific industry and the people working in it for instance the professional CV writers and post vacancies for them. Join groups that are relevant to your field of work to easily search for appropriate job opportunities.

Networking and engagement

Like any other social platform, networking and engagement is essential to increase your reach. Make sure you are engaging with your professional circle. It does not help if you are only lurking around the channels, connecting with the relevant people will highlight you in the recruiters’ circle.

Monitor your content

Monitoring the content you post on Facebook is very important if you are making your profile usable for professional purposes. Remember that your comments on any public post can be seen by your friends circle, in fact anyone who reaches that post. Stay professional on Facebook and do not post any hateful or wrong comments regarding your past employers. It is better to go through your profile once as someone who is not added in your friend list. You will know what content would be visible to the public who is visiting your profile.

Facebook is the most important social platform in today’s world. It is being used for different reasons such as marketing and professional uses. You can also use it for job search by following the above discussed tips and avail the best opportunities. Job search on Facebook is sometimes more effective and convenient than LinkedIn therefore you must give it a shot.