organize a small house

8 Best Secret To Organize A Small House

Organizing a small house seems like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. I know when you move into a small house from a bigger house it seems very overwhelming, but believe me, it gets easier when we put a plan together and follow easy steps to organize a small house. 

1- Planning

The best theory in life is, put a plan together before you start anything.  If you are just moving into your new and a small house, draw a map to organize it. It’s a proven method. Once you visualize things you perform better and organizing a small house is no different than that.

You don’t have to be an artist. You can just simply draw your room dimensions on a paper, and then place your furniture with the exact measurements. It’s a neat way to move around the paper furniture to see different layouts and pick the final one you like the most. It’s a magical tip to use!

organize a small house

2- Purge To Organize A Small House

Second best tip for you is to purge often. As we mentioned above, if you are buying a new house you might have already purged.  Nothing could be more peaceful than getting rid of clutter. Clutter can overwhelm your small house and you end up disliking it. If you cannot purge every month then purge quarterly, as everybody is busy, and it’s hard to purge every month. Especially when you have little children in your life, then things get a little harder.

4- Add Under-The-Bed Storage To Organize A Small House

Get a raised bed. Otherwise, you can use plastic feet to raise a regular bed. Feet are easily available at Amazon, or you can find them at any local hardware store. Place your extra storage or seasonal storage under the bed.

These are the few effective ways you utilize the space under a bed:

  • A drawer with wheels to hold anything extra you have.
  • Suction storage bags. Fill them with your seasonal clothing..
  • Photo storage cases. Place them under the bed to save space.
  • Shoe Organizer. Hide all your shoes and get rid of clutter around the house by creating an extra room in your closet or entryway.
  • Craft supplies boxes. You can put small baskets in big drawers and place them under the bed for easy access. I had all my craft supplies under the bed and my little one had no idea. Otherwise, it was a mess all the time in our small home.
  • Gift Wrap Station. Such a neat idea! Put all your wrapping supplies in a box or bins or in a drawer and then put them under the bed.
    Big Blankets. Place all your big blankets in plastic suction bags and save them under the bed.
  • Christmas Ornaments. Save all your Christmas ornament in a skinny container and store them till next Christmas.

Quick Tip For You: Make sure to place clear labels on all your supplies you are going to put away under the bed. The best method is to use clear bins or clear bags. I prefer skinny containers.

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5- Checklist

A checklist is a great way of keeping your inventory in control. Specifically when you live in a small house. Make a list of what you own and what you have in hidden storage, and place it somewhere where it’s visualized so you can read that quite often and keep it in the back of your head. It’s easy to slip and purchase when you go shopping. That’s where your checklist will come in handy.

Less is always more. I have learned over the year that at the end of the day nothing makes you happy. I have lived in a small house and have been living in a big house. I have experience with both small and large home living. Too many things can’t give you inner happiness. Rather, they add more clutter in your life. The day you realize the value of the little sentence: “Less is more.”, your life will become awesome and you will really enjoy your small house.

6- Family Game Times (The Best Tip)

Okay, I read a lot of articles about “how to organize a small house”, but it seems to me that everyone misses this point: Family game nights keep you entertained at home, and not only save you money but also bring your family close together. Stronger family ties are very important in order to run your life. I would prefer to spend time with my family than going to shopping alone and adding more clutter in life.

7- Get Creative In Your Decor

If you do everything systematically, you can totally make your small house a little haven by organizing it nicely. Don’t just buy decorative pieces. Get creative and buy decor which can add functionality as well. Kill two birds with one stone. Decorate with cute baskets. You can use them all over the house to utilize them for so many things. I love small baskets and bowls. Once you have a mindset that you have to keep your small house organized, you would be always on the right track.

8 – Be Content By Staying Minimalist

This is the most valuable suggestion someone could give you. The minimalist look is a great design trend these days. In this digital era, everyone is super busy and it’s hard to keep track of everything. Hence, owning less stuff is the way to go. Be content with what you have, but if you absolutely need to get something, make sure you follow the rule “one in and one out” to keep your inventory straight.

  • Don’t buy duplicate items
  • Don’t buy on sales. Sales always get you.
  • Make sure you have a specific room for your purchase.

These are some of my proven ways that I have used for my small house, How do you organize a small house, is there anything would you like to add in the list?