Unbelievable crazy stuff you never knew about sleep

As much as we spend countless hours every single night of the day sleeping, sleep has actually remained one of the most mysterious subject that has attracted attention from medical doctors and social scientists alike. Tons of hours of scientific research have been dedicated to discovering unbelievable crazy stuff about sleep and how it affects people.

Here is a compilation of unbelievable Crazy stuff about sleep that you might have never known which cuts across both the human’s population and other animals.

  1. Food Deprivation isn’t Fatal, Sleep Deprivation Is!

Most people think that if they stay for many days without eating, they will die. Yes, it is true. But do you know that you will die fast when you are sleep deprived than food deprived!

It may sound unbelievable and crazy; sleep deprivation is fatal and causes death!  These results from sleep disorders such as fatal familial insomnia where an individual cannot sleep at all, and in the end, it may lead to death.

  • 2. The Longest Time an Individual Spent without Sleep is 11 Days!

Randy Gardner is believed to be the first human to have ever stayed awake willingly without sleep for 11 days and 25 minutes. He still holds the world record in the Guinness Book of records since 1964, while in school California in San Diego.

History also has proved that the Chinese, Soviet Union during the Stalin era and US war in Iraq, Afghanistan war used sleep deprivation as a form of torture.

  • 3. Human’s Purposefully Delay Sleep!

Do we postpone sleep while we are supposed to be sleeping? Do other animals have a vantage point against us humans? Unfortunately, they do!  Research has shown that it is only in humans that they can postpone and engage in other tasks while they are supposed to be sleeping.

Other animals will instantly fall asleep when they feel the urge to sleep

  • 4. Dysania

Are you among the people who snooze that alarm for the 10th time in a row? I gaze, we all have found ourselves in this state!

You may consider checking with the doctor for Dysania. It is a condition whereby an individual finds it difficult to get out of the bed, especially in the morning.

Dysania does not mean one is lazy! It might be an indication of certain underlying conditions such as depression, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Sleep disorders, and many others that may need attention.

  • 5. Somniphobia

As funny as it may sound Somniphobia, which is the fear of sleep is real! Many people dread seeing the skies fall and darkness taking over, which calls for time to eventually put your head to rest and sleep.

The thought of falling asleep will cause anxiety to individuals with Somniphobia and has also led to suffering due to sleep deprivation.

Unbelievable and crazy stuff as it may sound to be, Somniphobic persons attribute this condition to the fact that they may die in their sleep!

  • 6. Black and White Dreams Existed!

Can you even believe it? Yes, as weird as it sounds, people used to dream in black and white!

The environment is very crucial in how human beings perceive things.  Before the advent of color television, it is widely believed that individuals would see their dreams in black and white!

Since people have been able to see the environment in which they live in from a colored perspective; research shows that 75% of the current human population dreams in color!

  • 7. Elephants Sleep Both while Standing and Lying Down!

You thought sleep is only mysterious to human beings? Animals too aren’t left behind; Elephants do sleep both while standing up and lying down. They do sleep 3-5 hours a day.

  • 8. Some Animals Sleep Almost the Whole Day while others a Couple Hours!

Human beings have been advised to sleep at least 8 hours a day. But have you ever thought about how many hours do animals sleep? It might surprise you a bit as different animals have varied patterns and hours of sleep.

Giraffes have been found to sleep for approximate intervals of 5-10 minutes for 1.9 hours; Koalas sleep almost the whole day at 22 hours, bats at 19-20 hours, while a deer 3-4 hours.

Sea otters, on the other hand, are the most beautiful creatures during their sleep as they take a nap while holding hands!

Whales and dolphins are unique in terms of sleep as they half sleep. The hemispheres within their brain sleep in alternating cycles so that they can come to the surface of the ocean to catch a breath!

Conclusion Perhaps the most unbelievable crazy stuff you never knew about sleep! Some are the most interesting facts, while some are a bit scary. It is evident that a lot happens when we are asleep and proves why a lot of research has been directed to find out more about sleep