In the modern, super competitive world of work, a first aid qualification can help you stand out – as a useful employee, a person with a valuable skill set and also as a compassionate and caring human being – and we all know that the world need more of those.

Job experts say there are some really solid reasons why it could also boost your career.

Number one: It is a skill people are looking for

In an incredibly competitive job market first aid training can make your CV stand out to head hunters and is bound to delight those in charge, as first aid skills are valuable to every workplace.  In fact it is a requirement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration  that “in the absence of an infirmary, clinic or hospital in near proximity to the workplace which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid. Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available.”

Having a first aider on site will therefore be a boost to any business as it means that they do not have to pay for or train someone else to qualify as a first aider. Experts at the risk management firm Gibson Insurance also points at that it could make you stand out in your industry if you had sector-specific training.

Number two:  It shows you can handle stress

Anybody who has actually obtained a first aid qualification that your skills will be needed in situations where people are fighting for their lives and also where very cool heads are called for.  Nobody wants to spend their days thinking about falls, heart attacks, people choking, possible strokes, bone fractures or burns but having qualified as a first aider shows your employer that you can handle a stressful situation and keep a calm head, experts at Global Edulink argue.

They add that it also shows that you have other admirable qualities like the ability to show compassion, that you can decisions under pressure and that you are able to solve problems and focus. In an article on why powerful people need to cultivate compassion, economist Dennis Snower is quoted as saying “If we balance power and care, we don’t have to choose between helping others and helping ourselves. We are more likely to be altruistic and not do things for others only when they benefit us.” That sounds like someone everybody would be happy to have on their team.

Number 3: It shows that you have initiative

Having obtained a first aid qualification and a new skill set on your own time shows that you are a person keen on improving yourself and that you will create your own opportunities. These are also valuable traits for a team member to have, Global Edulink’s experts said.

Number 4:  It will boost your confidence

American STI, a company offering first aid training, adds that an extra qualification will boost your confidence as it provides you with the skills and the ability to make a real difference in someone’s life. Also have a look at this article on Thrive Global discussing some good career confidence hacks.

Number 5:  It will show that you are a team player

Experts at The Learning Station also said that a first aid qualification indicates to recruiters that an application is a team player and can take on extra responsibility. This is certainly a sought-after trait that will make you an attractive employee.

Number 6: You can always take it with you

While some of the on the job training you receive at your current job might not be transferable – first aid is a supremely transferable skill and you can use it outside your role. Experts at The Learning Station also points out that if you ever wish to switch careers it would give you an excellent start at jobs in healthcare and in the security industry.

Number 7: You can save a business valuable time and money

As first aiders are trained to provide a fast and targeted response to a dangerous situation, like a on-site accident, their quick thinking and acting can save lives and additional costs to the company according to Gibson Insurance. Young Upstarts, a blog dedicated to helping young employees to get started echoes this saying that this would increase your value as a team member and to the company’s bottom line.

Number 8:  You can make your workplace safer and ensure that you and your colleagues are protected

Gibson argues that with a number of first aiders on the staff a company actually has many “unofficial” health and safety officers who can point out potential problems, before they happen but also play a significant role in ensuring wellbeing and morale under staff members. If you are keen to give it a try why not head over to to see how you can get a first aid qualification.