I ‘ve heard VP’s of Linkedin, NY Times Bestsellers, and Mom’s talk about how much better their life became once they learned to coach themselves. There lives became more satisfying, they felt more relaxed, and they truly felt successful. Here are the 8 ways I’ve seen people change when they became self-led.

  1. Better Relationships–  You’re able to more deeply connect with others because you feel more deeply connected to yourself and inner knowing. The need to blame others for how you feel dissolves and you’re able to ask for what you want from a place of love and strength, not neediness, because you know everything you need comes from within. You also become a better listener because you’re not taking on blame.
  2. Powerful Leader– When you can lead yourself, then you can lead others. Your leadership ability comes from a place of compassion and others can feel you understand their needs as well as yours. At the same time, you can see the big picture of the needs of your family or the whole organization, and how to guide everyone to supporting your vision.
  3. Thriving Business– You’ll shift from feeling your work or business is a separate part of your life, icky and  unsatisfying, to feeling that your work life and personal life live on the same plane because you’re not afraid to be authentic in everything you do and say. Your business becomes infinitely satisfying because it reflects who you truly are.
  4. Creative Self-Expression- When you don’t feel like you’re expressing yourself fully, life can feel one-dimensional, ordinary and predictable. When you are fully expressing yourself from a place of fully knowing yourself, your life feels alive, exhilarating and a continuous discovery.
  5. Finances Soar– When you love yourself and believe in yourself, then you’re providing true value to others, and they want to pay you for that.
  6. Emotional Strength–  Inner Mastery allows you to feel empowered over your mind and emotions. You have the skills to understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and handle them with ease.
  7. You Feel Safe– Because you know you can handle whatever situation arises. Rather than reacting, you’re able to respond to the event with confidence and ease.
  8. You Undoubt Yourself– When you’re Inner-led, rather than outer-directed, you easily tap into your intuition, and follow her guidance, as you know she’s leading you down the best path for you. Even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, you can feel it’s the right direction to go in and you learn to trust it.