8 Ways to Enrich Your Life After Work

Many people after getting done with work will head to a local bar or their couch. This is not good for their wallet or their waistlines. After work should be a time when you can enrich your life and get out and explore the world around you. Here are eight ways to enrich your life after work. 

1. College classes

If you do not want to pursue your degree but are interested in taking a class you can check out the community education department of your local college. They usually have fun classes to take that will help enrich your life and get you out of the house. Some classes may include a language class, pottery, drawing, starting a small business, and others.

2. Yoga

Taking a yoga class after work will help you deal with the stress from your job. You will also have health benefits from the relaxation techniques you will learn in class. Yoga is a great way to exercise without pounding your joints. You will develop better posture and lose some of the excess pounds you have put on stressing out about work. 

3. Art

Paint or draw a picture. Take time to do it right and you can get lost in your creation. You can make something with decoupage or create a wood carving. Taking the time to be creative after work will let you relax and do something constructive. 

4. Group outing

Take some coworkers out and do something together. You can rent bicycles and bike around town or take bachata lessons together at a local dance studio. Whatever you want to do make sure you do it with friends from work. You will learn more about your coworkers and get to spend some time with them away from the office. 

5. Spa night

Take a night and get your hair and nails done. Being pampered will allow you to relax and take it easy while someone else takes care of you. You will feel the stress wash out of you as your night goes on. Finish with a facial at home to top off the relaxing evening. 

6. Museum 

Join your local museum. Museums have more to offer than just their exhibits. Many museums are offering member’s nights out and exclusive exhibits. Go for the exhibit and you may hear a jazz band playing. Opening nights are usually member exclusive and hour d’oeuvres and drinks are usually included. You can meet new people and have a stress free night of culture. 

7. Park

Go for a quick hike at your local park after work. You will feel energized and less stressed in no time. If you do not want to hike, walk the trails or find a bike path through the park. Connecting with nature is a great way to clear your mind and have a wonderful evening. 

8. Volunteer

Take one night a week to do volunteer work around your community. You could walk or play with dogs at your local animal shelter or give a talk to a girl scout troop. There are many volunteer opportunities out there. Take a night and go through your clothes. Donate what you don’t wear anymore to a shelter for abused women and children. Help collect food for a food pantry. Get together with some friends and make up lunches for the homeless. Taking the time to do something for other people will make you feel better and help someone else. 

No matter what you choose to do make sure you get outside of your comfort zone once or twice a week. The more time you spend off of your couch or a barstool, the more enriched your life will be.