8 Ways to Find Your Dream Job

Looking for your dream job can take awhile. You might not be aware of the different ways to job hunt now. Or, you know the ways but are not sure if you have a strong resume or even the right credentials. Here are eight ways to find your dream job. 

  1. Stop dreaming – You should stop dreaming and start making it happen. Do not let anything get in your way or get you down on your search for your dream job. Most often the biggest barrier in a job search is yourself. People tend to undersell themselves or sell themselves short. You are a great person with many skills. Use those skills to get up and go to your dream job. 
  2. List strengths – List all of your strengths even if they are not job related. The more strengths you list the more opportunities you have. If you babysat successfully as a child you can list “works well with children.” If you work in a certain position but are asked to do other things as well you should list those. Nothing is too small or too big for this list. 
  3. Update Resume – Once you have your strengths down you can use them to figure out what your dream job will be and then you can tailor your resume to your dream job. Accent your skills that you have developed over time. These can be skills from your career, education, or life. All of us have certain skills. You can use an online resume builder to help update your resume in order to get your dream job. 
  4. Recap career – While you are trying to figure out what your dream job would be, take a look at your career and your previous volunteer activities and jobs. Figure out what you liked best about each opportunity and make a list. Once you have a complete list, look up jobs that require what you love to do. That is a great step in finding your dream job. 
  5. Evolve – You might have thought the job you hold right now was your dream job when you were first employed. It might have been, but since we are human beings we evolve. What was important to us before is not as important now. Just because the job you are in is no longer your dream job is no reason to quit looking. You will find another job on a higher plane that will fit your desires and be your next  dream job. 
  6. Values – Knowing what you value will help you get the dream job you crave. You will not be happy working with a company that uses old trees to build their furniture if you are an environmentalist. You will also not be happy working for a company that runs tests on animals if you are an animal activist. While those might be extreme examples, you can also look closer to home. If you have a family, you might not want a job that takes you away from home for long periods of time. Figuring out what you value in life will help you find your dream job. 
  7. Dreams – Try to remember when you were young. What did you want to be? Did you want to be a fireman, doctor, lawyer, or an astronaut? Maybe you wanted to be a singer, guitarist, drummer, or an artist. Our dream jobs are based on what we have always wanted. Think back and remember what made you happiest. If you wanted to be a writer but you are worried you will not make enough money, research different writing careers and you will find that some of them can be quite lucrative. Use your childhood imagination to help you research your dream job. 
  8. Create your own – Many people have created their own dream jobs. If what you are looking for is not out there, build it yourself. Figure out what you want and make it happen. The world is a big place and there is plenty of room for new and exciting companies. Who knows? Maybe you will hire other people who have had the same dream as you one day.