8 Ways to Stay Productive and Happy During Your Job Search

Looking for a job can be a daunting task. Whether you are currently employed and are looking to get a better position or you have recently been laid off, looking for a job can take its toll on you both physically and mentally. Here are 8 ways to stay productive and happy during your job search.

Be on top of developments

When you are looking for a job it is easy to get lost in the interview and resume process. Take time to read about new developments in your career field. Stay on top of the news that applies to the job you are interested in. You do not want to appear stagnant in an interview, so look online or find technical journals or magazines that show what is happening right now in your proposed career.

Keep your fears at bay

If you are stressing about an interview, take the time to practice and be prepared for the big day. If you are worried that your resume is being overlooked, ask someone to proofread it with a critical eye. Most of your fears can be solved by taking time to face them and taking steps to prevent whatever is stressing you out from happening. Take time to assess yourself and know what you want to say to potential employers or show them that will make them want to hire you.

Self worth

Sometimes it is difficult to hang on to your self worth while you are looking for a job. Take the time to update your resume and add things that you have done to create a well rounded resume that potential employers will be impressed with. You can find resume builders online that will help you create a resume that is unique and thoughtful. When you look at all you have accomplished you will get your self worth back and be ready to tackle the job market.

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to a massage or a day at the beach or a park. If you are constantly in job search mode you will not be able to unwind and will come across as stressed in your job interview even if you have taken time to rehearse and prepare. You have to take care of you first and then work on getting a new job. Take time away from your job search to recharge and refresh.

Talk to someone

Be sure you have someone to talk to during this stressful time. You should find a person you trust that is willing to sit and listen to you and offer helpful advice. This can be a friend, family member, or colleague. As long as you know what you say will remain between the two of you, you can unload occasionally and vent about your frustrations. This will help you relax and get your head straight so you can continue your job search the next day.

Keep a tally

Set a target for how many individualized resumes you will send out in a day and keep a running tally. You need to keep going in order to land a good job. Persistence is necessary if you want to be hired. Make sure you do not slack off but keep the number or resumes per day reasonable. You want you cover letters and resumes to be personalized for each job your apply for. Once you have a base resume it is easy to tweek it to the job you are applying for.

Think positive

While it may be wearing you down, know that the fact that you are still applying to positions is a good thing. Put positive quotes around your house to remind you that you are doing something to reach a goal. Daily affirmations will help you with your daily stressors and anxiety. Put your best foot forward and reach for the stars.