If you are feeling anxious there might be different reasons. Sometimes it happens that a collection of small stressful events increase the anxiety. In this situation usually, most people don’t exactly know what they should do and they start taking sleeping pills which is very dangerous.

You should know that your physical environment has a great impact on your mood. Sometimes your environment can reduce your stress significantly. If you are living in a room that is messed up or that is not well decorated you might feel more anxious.

So, here is a simple solution. Just follow these 9 simple home decor ideas to reduce your stress.

1. Use Green Indoor Plants

It is a well-known fact that green plants help in decreasing the stress level. Journal of Environmental Psychology mentions that plants like Anthurium can have a good impact on anyone’s mood. So, you can keep this green plant in every room of your house so that you can feel fresh when you see the greenery around you.

2. Paint Walls Blue

Bright colors can increase anxiety, especially eye-catching colors. Whereas cool colors like light blue can help to reduce blood pressure. So, it would be a good idea to paint your room’s walls blue. Your bedroom or study is the best place to paint it blue. You will feel sleepy which will help in reducing your stress.

3. Don’t Fill Up Bookshelf

In a study by Society for Personality and Social Psychology, it is mentioned that the cortisol levels could be increased in a cluttered environment. If you fill-up the bookshelf with books and other stuff your room environment will be cluttered. That can increase your stress level. So try to keep your bookshelves half empty, it will have a good impact on your mood.

4. Cover Up Technology

Another factor that increases the stress level is the excess noise. When you enter your home and turn on your TV right away, you don’t get time to relax. Along with noise you also watch programs which can increase your stress. So, it is better to keep your TV in a media cabinet and have some time to relax away from the noise.

5. Keep Fresh Flowers On Desk

If you work from home, then don’t forget to keep fresh flowers on your work table or on the side table along with your bed. Fresh flowers always have a very soothing effect on your mood and they can help a lot in reducing anxiety. According to Feng Shui, fresh flowers represent new energy and having fresh flowers in the home can increase the flow of healthy qi or life force. Many readers may be tempted to use dried flowers. According to Feng Shui expert and best-selling author, Karen Rauch Carter, the chi that you want to attract and encourage to stay around within your home is vibrant, lively and in it’s thriving state. The chi that you do not want in your home is chi that is weakened, “sleepy,” disintegrating, wilting, dying, or seemingly dead. Dried flowers are in their “diminishing state” in the circle of life. Whenever possible, always opt for fresh flowers.

6. Keep Windows Open

Various researches show that patients in a hospital feel relaxed and less in pain when they are exposed to natural sunlight. So, allow that natural light to enter into your room as well by keeping your windows open. If you close your windows and stop the light entering your room you will feel anxious in the artificial light.

7. Go Mirror Free

According to many researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, when you see yourself in the mirror, again and again, it increases your stress. You can be curious about your pimples or other skin features. A bathroom is a place where you should have a mirror, but try to keep the rest of the house mirror free blue world city Islamabad.

8. Use Carpet to Reduce Noise

As we said earlier that noise can increase your stress level, so you should try to reduce the noise even on your floor. Normally hard surface like tile floor makes more noise. So you can use carpets to reduce this noise. If you can’t use carpets then you can use the area rugs to cover the place which is mostly used to keep your furniture. It will also help in reducing noise and as a result in reducing your stress.

9. Allow Fresh Air

This can be done by keeping your windows open as we said earlier to keep the windows open to allow natural light to come in. If you have glass on the windows that can allow the light but not fresh air, then you should worry about it as well. You should have a good ventilation system in your house so that fresh air can pass through. This fresh air and natural light can reduce your stress significantly.


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