Most of us must have heard about maintaining a work-life balance but that is an old concept as with modernization, technology has become so advanced that people are not forced to work from 9-5 every day as they can work from the comfort of their home itself hence a new concept has emerged which is work-life integration and we have discussed below a few easy methods that will help you achieve it;

1. Maintain a Schedule:

Creating a schedule will help you track how much time you spend on each task; hence you can keep track of your work, so you do not spend your entire day on it.

2. Don’t Compartmentalize:

Work and life are not two different things that you can compartmentalize, these two need to go hand in hand for you to be a success in your career and also have a happy personal life hence make it a point to integrate it together rather than considering these two as mutually exclusive.

3. Take Breaks:

Do not work at one stretch but take short breaks as it will only increase your efficiency as short breaks will make your brain cells more active to function.

4. Follow Your Passion:

To live a fulfilling life, it is essential that you do what you love to do, hence follow your hobby as it will bring you joy and make your life more fulfilling.

5. Use Technology to Work Effectively:

As technology has advanced in recent times, hence you use it in your work to save time. Be it the use of the computer to work effectively from anywhere or using conference-call to clients so you save on travel time. 

6. Find an Ideal Environment to Work:

Not everyone is comfortable working in a particular environment or particular time, hence find the time and place that suits you best when you work. Having such a flexible work environment will inspire you to be more productive.

7. Look for Fun Recreational Activity at Work:

Sometimes, a great way to take a break at work is to do some fun recreational activities that will refresh your mind. Instead of doing something that is simple, try a challenging activity that excites your mind in a positive way. Escape Room Atlanta is a group activity that combines the need to solve puzzles together with a time escape. Such games are challenging and can improve group bonding.

8. Only Productivity Matters:

It doesn’t matter how many hours you work as the final aim is to finish your job goal, hence focus on finishing your day’s activities rather than the number of hours you work as only productivity matters.

9. Learn to Say No:

You will always find people who will expect you to do more work than you can handle. If you feel something is not possible, then better learn to say no rather than compromising on your personal life as it is perfectly ok to deny something if you are not comfortable doing it.

The Bottom Line:

True work-life integration requires practice as you cannot expect things to change in a day, hence make small changes every day until you get used to this idea.