9 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team _ Javier Betancourt Valle

Motivation is everything in business and teams are often where the rubber meets the road. If you can motivate your teams to be their best, you can run a powerhouse of a business. It can be easy to forget these simple factors, but abiding by them can make an amazing difference in your success.

Here are nine ways to motivate your teams and kick up your success.

1. Pay them what they’re worth

Set competitive salaries with other companies in your industry and area. Loyalty can be organically grown over time, but buying it is a quick way to set roots.

2. Provide a pleasant workplace

No one really wants to work in an office setting. But, if you must, wouldn’t you like your office to be clean, stimulating, and open? Consider how you can model the physical environment to promote a positive and pleasurable working experience.

3. Encourage self-development

Empower your employees to excel. Provide the training and resources any of them need to climb that ladder and really establish themselves as a foundational part of your business. It pays to hire from within and you can keep them from taking their skills to your competitors.

4. Foster teamwork

Employees should know how to be leaders (of themselves and others), but they should also know how to work effectively on a team. Encourage team members to work collaboratively to increase productivity and a sense of employee community.

5. Encourage positivity

Encouraging positive thinking can promote happiness and increase productivity. It also makes the work life a lot easier to handle. Happy employees are motivated and enthusiastic about getting the job done.

6. Don’t punish failure

Everyone makes mistakes. Correct the behavior that led to the mistake and move on. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool.

7. Set a clear vision

When people know exactly what they need to do, they’re more prone to do it right. Set a clear vision for your team so they know exactly what they’re after.

8. Encourage autonomy

Provide your team(s) with the resources they need to do the job themselves. Set that clear vision and let them go at it their way. More often than not, it’s better than how you would have done it.

9. Minimize meetings

Everyone hates meetings. They interrupt workflow and they usually keep people past clock-out time. If you must hold a meeting, create an agenda and pass it out in advance. The more you let people prepare, the more efficient a meeting will be.

And that’s it! Work on these nine factors to really see a difference in your workplace culture. Inspired, motivated teams that are empowered and proud will do wonders for your success!

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