As a human resources expert or manager, it is very important to identify the employees and identify the factors that help them shine. Of course, the most important factor in this glare is motivation. According to Hay Group Research, 50 percent of successful employees are among the most motivated. Motivation expert James Sale shares 9 prominent types of employees at work and tips on how to motivate them.

Managers know how important motivation is to their employees’ success. Hay Group Research proves this by putting it into statistics. According to the research, almost half of the employees who shine in the office emphasizes that the most effective factor in this is that they are well motivated. Motivation specialist James Sale states that there are 9 main types of employees in the study he conducted on the subject. Having an idea of ​​these types of employees and ways of motivation can be intimidating for managers and HR professionals.

Here are 9 types of employees and what can be done to motivate them:


According to Sale, this type of employee seeks security, predictability and stability. The manager expects a certain job definition, a well-functioning organization and a predictable career path. Regular communication is the most obvious way to get motivated. Managers should regularly communicate with them, share good news, and explain how things are going to motivate such employees. Regular information and mails can also be effective in this regard. Given that this type of employee is loyal, rewarding the service is an extremely important step in the motivation process.


For this type of employee, it is very important to establish a sense of belonging, good friendships and meaningful relationships. He loves organizations with strong team perception, social events and helping others. The biggest way to get motivated is to get involved, supported and get their opinions. Its social organization will ensure a strong corporate culture and people-oriented activities shine.


This type of employee often demands respect, social value and approval. He expects career paths to be clear, hierarchical order specific and clear titles. Yıldız employee type can be motivated with awards and titles. It will nourish them to show them the career path they are thinking about, to include them in projects for their approval needs, to set regular goals. In this way, the star in it emerges easily.


This employee type likes to have power, influence, control over resources and people. It is important to have a critical role at the core of the business and is generally suitable for leadership roles. For the leadership role, this employee needs to take serious responsibilities and be rewarded according to the results. For this ambitious, hardworking and careful type of employee, power and responsibility are highly motivating. Apart from that, it is extremely important for him to participate in coaching and training programs.


The only source of motivation for this type of employee is money and financial satisfaction. It can set aside all other expectations and perform very successfully in the name of a promotion or any award. This type of employee designs his life with this perception. If he is an employee at critical points in the company, he has a high financial expectation and will easily give you what you want as long as you motivate him.


This type of employee wants to have knowledge, expertise and title. Therefore, working environments where personal development is important are very valuable and motivating for them. He wants to work as a coach and mentor, and to participate in various trainings. As long as this motivation is achieved, this type of employee with a leadership spirit will make serious contributions to the company.


The driving forces for this employee are creativity, innovation and change. It follows new trends in the sector and tries to apply it to the business atmosphere. He is enthusiastic about approaching events and solving problems with new perspectives. Supporting this employee can be provided by providing him with an atmosphere where he can show his creativity. Working in an atmosphere where there is no routine, change and development opportunity will cause this employee to be restricted.

Free spirit

The key words for this employee are freedom, independence and autonomy. However, it is successful in environments where there is no pressure and it can work freely. In general, it operates efficiently in another working environment instead of the office. It is possible for this employee to be motivated with an atmosphere where he can show his talents freely instead of the rules.


This type of employee seeks meaning and purpose in his work and wants to make a difference. In general, he wants to work in places with specific goals and a time management accordingly. If his individual goals coincide with the company goals, he does his job even more. “How can I do this better?” It is important to work in an environment that is suitable for the researcher’s structure and supports development and innovation. Especially by giving responsibility in the point of improvement and development, the motivation of this employee can be increased.