The  workspace  must contribute to improve your physical, cognitive and emotional well-being , since in this way you will be more productive, creative and innovative. 

If you are interested in improving the environment where you and your collaborators work, then read on and discover the main  characteristics that the  most productive offices should have .

The 9 Ideas to Improve Your Workspace

# 1.- Order in the work areas

«The disorder can help some creative minds to create, but it is not necessarily useful if you want to be more productive «

order in word areas

In a messy environment you can waste valuable minutes searching for a file or that important document that someone left on your desk.

The idea is not to “forget” everything in drawers or folders to make it look nice, but to work in an orderly space that helps facilitate your performance and even stimulate your creativity .

 Tip  Take 5 minutes a day to order your desk, put each item in its place. This habit will help you focus on what is really important and prevent you from falling into distractions or discomforts.

# 2 Lighting

Did you know that poor lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches, irritability and even depression?

proper Lightning

Enlightenment is one of the most important factors in maintaining concentration and consequently feeling inspired to create; Unfortunately, companies do not give relevance to this aspect and often create workspaces with a suffocating environment.

Natural lighting, wisely used, is the best.

If the windows of your workspace give a quiet and peaceful exterior, for example: a garden, it will be much better; otherwise you can recreate the sensation of light and space with lamps and reproductions of works of art that sereniate your spirit.

Tip If you can work with a window next to it, great! The use of natural light will make you more productive and better the quality of your work.

# 3 Distribution

Do you get up four to five times every hour to find those books or reference papers you need or do you simply waste time looking for a folder?  

Having all the basic material needed to work avoids distractions. Drawers, shelves, filing cabinets or storage boxes are your best allies.

divide the area

Divide the space into zones:

  • Storage: All items that can go to a closet such as office supplies or materials that are frequently used.
  • Stationery: These are the basics that cannot be missing: pens, pencils, computer, stapler and adhesive tape. It is best to keep it inside a desk drawer to prevent the desk from being messy.
  • Shelves:  It is the place where magazines, books or accessories that are a source of consultation or decoration.
    Tip Avoid distractions by preparing everything you need during the day. Keep your work desk with organized drawers is essential to optimize your time.

# 4 Decoration

Did you know? In Mexico, most offices do not contribute to the productivity or welfare of employees.

From the moment we decide to start a business , we visualize what it would be like to work in our office, that magic should never be lost, so choosing the right decoration should be a priority.


The colors that surround us have an effect on our mood and brain function, therefore, the choice of tones that your workspace will wear is a very important decision.
If you work from home there is no problem because you have total control over the colors around you and you can decide when to change them, but if you work in an office the same thing does not happen, however, I recommend you place objects of a color on your desk that I like you and gives you the necessary peace or motivation.


What about a bamboo for that corner that is so empty? And some cacti for that shelf you don’t use? Plants generate various benefits when working in an office. They can help to have more lighting in a gray space or simply make you feel happier and more productive just by looking at them.
Tip The idea is to create a pleasant atmosphere , you don’t need to recreate the Amazon.

# 5 Position

eye! Not having a correct posture in your work area can mean a fatal blow to your health.

In addition to being extremely annoying, working in an awkward position can lead to severe pain and slow your productivity.

Tip If you forget to correct your posture, you can rely on a partner and correct your position from time to time to make it a habit.

# 6 Ergonomics of furniture

The objective of ergonomics is to adapt the work to the capabilities and possibilities of the human being.

It is essential that you feel comfortable in your office. It is best that you have a chair that is comfortable for you and that suits your back.

Remember! that corner of the table with which you always stick when you wake up … Eliminate things that put you in a bad mood. Find furniture that suits your needs and that above all are comfortable for you.

ergonomic chairs

Tip There are Mexican companies that are especially dedicated to the design and production of ergonomic furniture for offices and corporate.

Do not hesitate! Go in search of the element that makes you a better businessman or worker.

# 7 Air Quality

A study showed that poor air quality in offices generates a cost of 15,000 million dollars annually, between the inefficiency of workers and sick leave.

If you work in an office, try to open the windows at least 3 times a day and suggest the installation or maintenance of air filters.

I recommend that you also have a plant near your workspace, as they are very useful for filtering the air and providing purified oxygen.
Tip  The aromas modify our mood .  Consider using fragrances like cinnamon, lavender, mint and citrus, although if you are surrounded by your classmates you should do it in a subtle way.

# 8 Cleaning

When the environment is clean and clear, so is your mind. And a clear mind is ready to be creative and productive.

There is nothing less productive and disconcerting than starting to work with a desk full of things you don’t need.

Cleaning is the practice of keeping the workplace clean and free of clutter. As an entrepreneur, he seeks to encourage employee participation and the establishment of plans and routines.

Keep in mind that having a clean and tidy place minimizes human errors, and a clean workplace generates well-being.

If you have papers, old newspapers and 100 magazines saturating your desk, it’s time to clean up!

Tip In the methodology of the 5s a stage is the “Cleaning”. If you manage to improve the cleanliness in your workplace, it will be improved in all areas.

To clean and sanitize the surfaces deeply, you can use steam cleaner machines.

# 9 Customize

If the office is depersonalized, the worker does not feel it as their own.

If you see your job site as something alien to you, you will never feel identified with the work you do. Give a personal touch to your workspace! This is something that successful entrepreneurs do .

Surely a simple personal object will make you feel better.

Tip You can use photos and other items to personalize your space.

As you could read your workspace is very relevant, in fact it is the second factor that determines the satisfaction of a worker.

We spend 36% of our time working, more than we spend sleeping, you need to feel comfortable in the place where you spend the most hours a day.

Office work is not always pleasant, but at least you can make your office space enjoyable, right?

Finally I invite you to share with us all your experience and some other advice that allows you to create a more productive workspace.