Recently, my son completed his service with the Israeli Defence Force. Serving in the Defence Force is a massive honor. This is also a great way for young men to learn about themselves. When I asked my son what he learned during his time in the service, he mentioned serving as a marksman, patrolling the border with Lebanon and Egypt. Now, he works security at the Western Wall at Judaism’s holiest site. Here are a few lessons that he learned from his time serving in the military.

1. The Power of Teamwork

One of the most important lessons my son learned was the power of teamwork. He learned that nobody can do everything on their own. He analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and how to place everyone in a position to be successful.

2. The Ability to Remain Focused Under Pressure

Military service comes with a lot of pressure. Thanks to his time in the service, he learned how to remain focused under tremendous amounts of pressure, honing his decision-making skills. Now, he is able to carry this with him in his everyday life.

3. How To Lead a Group of Men

One of the major benefits of military services that this teaches you how to be a leader. While my son continues to look up to me to this day, he still knew that he had a responsibility to lead his men in the right direction. These are leadership skills that will serve him well in life.

4. The Importance of Adaptability

There is a saying that a plan never survives first contact with the enemy. Therefore, my son learned how to be adaptable. He had to apply his strengths to changing situations to solve problems quickly.

5. How To Make Decisions Quickly

In the military, my son learned how to make decisions quickly. Problems come at you in waves. There is no time to stop and rest when the action is all around you. Learning how to make decisions under Fire is an important part of military service.

6. Resourcefulness

In the military, all you have is what is around you. In order to succeed, you have to be resourceful. This is a lesson that my son learned during his time in the service. This resourcefulness is going to serve him well in life.

7. Never Leave Someone Behind

One of the most important lessons that he learned in the military services to never leave someone behind. When you were in the field, the only people you can rely on are those around you. You know others are relying on you as well. Therefore, you want to come through for your team members and never leave someone behind.

8. Place Others First

During his time in the Israeli Defence Force, my son learned the importance of placing others first. His team members were depending on him to protect them just as he was depending on his team members to help him. By placing others first, a strong support network is formed that will stand up to the stresses of military service.

9. Never Give Up

Finally, my son learned that you should never, ever give up. Keep fighting no matter what. Whether this is in the field, on a sports team, or in the civilian world, if there is a goal in mind, keep fighting for it. Persistence is key.

Without a doubt, I am incredibly proud of my son and the lessons he has learned. I know these are lessons that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.