As a business owner, female entrepreneur, now wife and mom of twins, I needed to rethink how to conduct my life in a way that would fill my heart, be creative, passionate, abundant, and successful. While having time to play and have fun – and let my hair down every once in a while!

So many of us are used to juggling family or personal life and career, sometimes at the price of burnout. This kept happening for me, until I reached a major breakdown point that I really found difficult to get out of. I certainly wish this never happens to anyone!

Since the beginning of 2020 I have felt such great frustration, and it was like swimming against the waves – which is exactly what I was doing! I had completely forgotten the entire world probably felt the same way. When acceptance finally hit and I came to terms that things were out of control – out of MY control – then I was able to start refocusing in and renourishing myself. 

I created a personal self-retreat for times like now (or anytime), when there is a need to reset and start over, or simply not start at all. And I offer you an opportunity to create your own self-retreat, to suit your personal needs.

Treat yourself seriously, but with love and kindness.

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

A Self Retreat in 9 Steps

1 – Choose a date: I have my own catalog or program, used time and time over. It looks pretty neat and I used a template from one of my wellness retreat businesses. It is important that you treat this time with seriousness and respect just as if you were paying for a high-end premium and exclusive retreat. Select a date that you can prepare for, and block it in the calendar. I personally like to schedule the days that coincide with the dates of my woman’s cycle, where I feel more introspective and focused. 

2 – Set up the ambiance: it is so uber important to set a place in your home for your self-time, I am not talking about your office but at your home. Somewhere you could possibly have some privacy. I know this is a tough one for many of us, and my chosen place ended up being one of my bathrooms! I got a few items and scents, paintings, and did a nice clean and tidy up. It made  for a beautiful space.

3 – Choose your preferred time of the day: this really depends on yours and your family’s time. Mine is either after all kids have gone to bed, or very early when I wake up. I am awake between 2-4 am every morning and this works perfectly for me. I have also done some self retreats in the afternoon while everyone was out of the house, before dinner time.

4 – Less is more: start with a realistic time length. I am now able to do a whole 2 hours home self-retreat, even with 2 small toddlers. But I started with 10-15 minutes.

5 – Create a program: I would start with a basic template: 

  • have a bath/long shower 
  • Use your favorite oils
  • Light a candle
  • Put on a face mask
  • Play your favorite music
  • Pour a glass of wine/tea or favorite drink

6 – Ideas: For the minimum time, simply close your eyes and do rounds of deep breaths to relax. As you work up the length, you can do body movement, yoga, meditation, journaling, masterclasses, dance, cooking, self-massage and more… the options are wide and varied..

7 – Tools and resources: have at hand a little box with items you love, your candles, essential oils, tea sachets, incense, towel, rug, attire, lingerie, journal, books…

8 – Journaling: I am a digital person more than pen and paper, but essentially for this I like to have a pretty journal to switch off my gadgets. I really enjoyed it the first time, even though I was a little resistant. 

9 – Music: tropical lounge or indie music are the best. But anything goes, anything that makes your heart happy and light! 

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels