There is nothing more important in your life than managing your finances.

It’s always a good move to know what you’re spending and where which will enable you to make wiser spending decisions and keep you from running into unmanageable debts in the long run.

Thanks to technology, you no longer have to do your finances on complex Excel sheets or manually, but you base use budgeting apps which can be managed in real time. All one needs is a smartphone and a one or two of the mobile budgeting apps which are going to mention below to help get the job done.

Below we have listed some of the best mobile apps that are both efficient and easy to use. All you have to do is download, install them and start carrying your whole financial management plan in your pocket, everywhere you go!


This one of the best and most popular budgeting apps. It gives you an easy to use platform that will enable you to keep your various budgets in check.

It has a feature that enables you to run it on both your phone and tablet concurrently (keeping them synced) so that you don’t have to miss any adjustments made on your various devices.

The feature we love best about this budgeting app is that it alerts you whenever a bill payment is due, to make sure you don’t miss any of your important payments and bills.


The name of this app comes from the acronym of the phrase ‘You Need A Budget’.

YNAB is yet another budgeting software that will enable you to create an account and keep track of your daily expenses.

A few of the features we like: apart from just giving you that platform it also gives you spending advice that is known as the four rules of YNAB. Once you sign up on YNAB, you are allowed to connect it with all of your current bank account details.

Using this integration,  whatever you do with your credit card is automatically reflected on YNAB, making it quite the amazing budgeting app.

Good budget

This app claims to be the best home budget app for Android, iPhone and web, so it’s a bold claim it has to live up to.

This is a very convenient budgeting app for anyone who wants to keep track of their household expenses. As per its title it runs on Android, iOS and web and automatically syncs between various devices.

One thing we like, is that it allows you to set aside what you need for the month and what to save. This way you will never be caught off-guard. You can also add financial details so that you can keep track of what your expenses.


If you are looking for a budgeting app that will give you a digital banking experience, then look no further than Revolut.

This increasingly ubiquitous and popular mobile app enables to open a current account and carry out transaction while keeping a close look at your expenses. It notifies you whenever you spend and gives you an opportunity to keep track of your money.

We love the feature where you can also quickly send money to other Revolut users.


Wally is a very efficient budgeting app for busy individuals who don’t have the time to type in their expenses.

It allows someone to take a photo of your receipts and expenses and fills that part for you.

If the location of your phone is on, it will also include that information. With Wally, you no longer have to go through the troubles of typing like other budgeting apps, you just take a photo of the receipt and you are done. Quite a sweet feature if you’re don’t like tinkering with numbers.


Coinbase is a different kind of app than the ones we mentioned here but we still believe it’s an important budgeting app.

It helps you to simplify trading in cryptocurrency while keeping your monthly limits in check. It provides users with a platform where they can purchase and sell cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. It is rather simple than other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Anyone who wants to start trading cryptocurrency but wants to impose a limit on themselves, so as not to expose yourself to too much risk, this is just the right platform.


Venmo is another very popular money-related app.

Unlike other budgeting apps, it allows you to share payment of a certain product or service with any number of people you wish to. All you have to do is pay your part, and they will finish theirs.

This is a perfect and reliable app for people who are in groups where sharing costs between a number of people is frequent and you need to keep it all managed.


The Tycoon app was founded by a model who wanted to create something that would remind freelancers about their late payments.

It was specifically made for photographers and models, but this can be used by any other freelancers, software developers who have experienced problems getting paid such these here, web designers, consultants,  and other freelancers.

It enables you to keep track of whoever owes you. It also helps in calculating your final pay after commissions and taxes are deducted.


PocketGuard makes use of clear, simple tabs, graphs and pie charts to enable you to organize your monthly budget including expenses, subscriptions, and bills.

The particular look and feel of this app is quite modern and besides it’s budgeting and personal finance, we find this one of the best UIs from the apps we’ve seen.

Wrapping Up

The above list of mobile (and other platforms) budgeting apps will give you an excellent way to keep track of your money and help you minimize your expenses – an essential function in today’s world where it’s easy to lose track of expenses with the hundreds of micro-transactions we perform online and offline.

Each platform has its unique features and typically it’s a matter of preference which one you adopt for you. We would highly recommend that you research and try out and few, and then stick with one for you and your family. What we can guarantee it that these apps will improve your spending habits because when you know exactly what’s going on, it’s much easier to police yourself.