benefits of having a pet

According to science, having pets brings a lot of benefits. If you love your pet and the bug is really part of the family, that’s just a big plus. They ensure that you and your family become smarter and stronger and more resistant to stress.

Research by the journal Anthrozoos found that people tend to treat their pets just like people. This also creates more empathy and recognition between you and your pet. And that provides nine very important benefits of your pet’s impact on the family.

Pets make you less lonely

If you are dealing with loneliness, it can cause heart diseases or diseases such as Alzheimer’s at a later age. The study found that adults who used to have pets were about 36 percent less likely to have been lonely before. Of course, it is also very nice to cuddle with the furry animal for an hour.

They make you resistant to stress

A Swedish study found that people who experienced a lower stress level 15 to 30 minutes after stroking a dog. The participants who actually have their own dog received an increased content of the happiness hormone oxytocin and a quiet heartbeat.

Pets protect your heart

And if we are talking about the heart, we can happily also make you happy with the news that the chance of heart disease is significantly reduced. A study that lasted twenty years shows that people who had had a cat in the past die less often from a heart attack than people who had not had a cat.

They keep you on your toes

Adults who have cats or dogs in their homes are better off using their brains. We are mainly talking about remembering details, memory and the ability to act immediately. The animals keep your brain nice and fit.

You will exercise more

Of course, your dog has to go outside for his needs, but that walk is also good for your health. A Michigan State University study found that people who take their dogs outside exercise about half an hour more per week than people without a dog.

If you have a horse and you ride him, it makes you healthier physically and when you chose the horse names for him and you both to understand each other, this makes you healthy mentally.

Pets relieve pain

In addition to keeping you fit, especially with dogs, they also ensure that you have less joint pain later in life. Even if children feel sick or feel pain, the pet can calm them down and thus ease the pain a little.

They prevent allergies in babies

Babies that grow up with pets are less likely to develop an allergy later. So if you want to get a furry four-legged friend in your house, start as early as possible. Because before you know it, they are allergic.

Pets prevent type-1 diabetes

Children who are actively caring for a pet remarkably keep their sugar level stable. This is evident from a study by the journal PLoS ONE. They are 2.5 times less likely to get type 1 diabetes. That’s because children get used to routines while actively caring for their pets.