Who doesn’t have a horrible date story these days? Anyone using dating apps or online dating, can relate to this nightmare. Stupid jokes, racist comments or long talks about how great they are?

Here are some of the first-date deal breakers:

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  1. Do not talk about your ex: If you chomp on about how awful your ex was, it only screams: I’M NOT OVER IT. And if you constantly repeat how awesome they were… Why don’t you just get back with them? So you can easily skip this uncomfortable moment and avoid this topic.

2. Do not overshare: Do not share too much information about your past, family problems, childhood traumas or financial problems; some things should remain private on a first date.

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3. Take care of your appearance: Showing up to your date underdressed (depending on the occasion) can be seen as disrespectful, or like you are not trying to make a good impression.

4. Remember that conversation is a two way streets: only talking about yourself and not listening, would make you look like someone that has a narcissistic pattern, or could be a sign of you, not having any real interest on the other person.

5. Bringing up future plans for the relationship? Perhaps, not a good idea! Obviously we all have plans and goals for our future, but for the time to mention them, you should not include the other person, that might scare them away or sound like you are lying in order to get something else.

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6. Treat everyone with respect: Wherever you have a date, the worst thing you can do is act like a d-bag to the staff or any other person. Not only makes it uncomfortable, but also is a huge turnoff for anyone else.

7. Do not play it cool: if you like the other person, SHOW IT. Pretending to be indifferent does not make you more interesting and playing hard to get it’s a bit out of style!

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8. Showing your Stand-up comedy routine? probably not a good idea: Telling plenty of jokes and laughing at them, might make the other person uncomfortable. Specially if they have to fake laugh at them.

9. Constantly checking your phone or the time: Scrolling through your Instagram feed in various occasions is rude, disrespectful and annoying.

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What to do instead? Be yourself, be honest about your intentions and be open to listen and genuinely learn about the other person.

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