I have grown up hearing the following statement from Indian scriptures a lot ‘Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante Tatra Devata’ which means where women are respected, there angels (Divine) are extremely happy to reside but where they are not treated with respect all actions are fruitless or futile.

 The celebration of Women’s day is just a reminder to all women in the world to reconnect with how important they are to the society, their families, how they  enrich the human race with kindness and for the world to move forward. Knowing that, they shouldn’t play a low key in their roles as women. They must walk with the conviction that they are important and sacred.

Most of the times we tend to forget that as we are too busy when we have too many hats to wear in our day to day life. I went through the same problems while managing my home, kid, work and volunteering. I came up with the following tips that saved me during that time.

9 tips for Women on how to wear all their role hats 🙂

1.   Wear only one hat at a time: This means when you are with kids, just be their mom, when you are at work be an employee, when you are working on your business only be a business owner. When you are in the mom mode don’t think about work. When you are at work don’t think about the home and kids. I am sure you need to go pick up the kids at a certain time. Use technology, set alarms, reminders. For anything that you want to do put a label for that alarm so that as soon as it rings, you will know what it’s for..

2.   Start valuing your contribution: You should be proud of how much you are doing for the family, and at work, in your business and for society.

3.    Reduce the expectations: We are so used to having too many expectations from ourselves than the people around us. We have to remember that we are not robots :). And so don’t expect too many things form yourself.

4.   Enjoy all your roles: You need to make sure you are having fun with all the roles you are playing in your life. Some may be easy, some are joyful and some are not so good. With the roles that are not so good, just focus and see what is lacking and if there is anything you can do about it.  But don’t ignore it, otherwise it will slowly drains your energy.

5.   Forgiving: Start practicing the art of forgiving yourself. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. It is fine if you have not done stuff on time -once in a while. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

6.   Take time for yourself:  Make sure every day you take at least 15-20 minutes for yourself to do any mindfulness practices such as reading, painting, meditation or yoga. Anything  that you are interested in which makes you happy.

7.   Have your own tribe: Usually all women are so busy with their own family and work. They forget to connect with others. Get in touch with your old friends and also make new friends as you move on with your life. Talk to them once in a while. By offering to listen to your friends, you not only help her but also yourself. It will help both of you uplift each other in life.

8.   Remember to breathe: When you are too busy with work you tend to start taking shallow breath. Just remember that you need to take a few deep breath after every hour or so. So that your toxins, which might have built up due to stress, will get released and you will feel rejuvenated.

9.   You are the best: Last but not the least, every morning as soon as you wake up looking into the mirror tell yourself, ‘Today is going to be an amazing day and YOU ARE THE BEST!’

Have a wonderful International WOMENS DAY!