Today we have talked to Algedra Interior Design’s CEO Mohab Ayoub about how to manage to stay positive during quarantine and continue our work without getting any harm. Here is what he said:

Life itself is the most precious gift available to us. However, sometimes negative situations and overlapping problems that we experience can prevent us from enjoying life and experiencing the moment. Just as we think that we have put everything in order and started to enjoy life, a tiny and unexpected problem can destroy all the positive experiences at once.

Of course, it is not a realistic expectation that all the negativity will be corrected overnight and you will wake up as a happy individual the next day. Likewise, it is not possible to prevent negative situations that you will encounter throughout your life. But you are under your control of how you should behave in the face of this situation and how you approach the event.

1. Trust life and yourself

Make sure everything will be fine one day. A tree that has been bare during the winter blooms in spring.

Instead of getting upset that you can not get fruit in the winter periods of your life, keep your faith that spring will come one day and everything will be better. Don’t let the negativities affect your life and always think positively.

2. Meditate

Meditation can be a very spiritual and abstract practice for many of us. Regardless of your approach to meditation, believe it or not, it will be good for you to look at yourself and create opportunities to listen to your inner voice. Whether you call yourself meditation, prayer, or relaxation, don’t forget to take time for yourself, no matter what.

3. Be patient

Sometimes the experiences we have during the waiting phase can be much more valuable than what we expected. Because what really guides us is what we learned and experienced during the waiting phase.

We all have more or less anticipation from life. A new job, a lover we can be happy with, a new chance… Whether you are expecting it, being still in the waiting phase may be an indication that you are not yet ready to have it.

Waiting is not punishment, but preparation.

4. Try to think positively even when you are not positive

When someone asks you the question “How are you?” Your answer is always “I am fine.” It is a defense mechanism that we have developed for ourselves to reflect that we are good, even though we have experienced something negative or feel bad.

Repeating constantly that we are good takes us away from negative thoughts and helps us feel more positive over time. Changing your thoughts is the first step to changing your life.

5. Focus on what you have instead of stressful situations

It is easy to focus on problems and think negatively. However, the positive situations we have experienced throughout our lives are much more than negative. If we focus on negative ones instead of positive ones, we do not know how to deal with negative situations and get caught unprepared.

6. Live in the moment

No matter how much you think about it, no matter how much you dream, or how much you think and keep yourself busy; past is past. When you can face the facts, your past will no longer harm you.

Try to draw lessons from your mistakes instead of worrying about your past experiences, start to not think about your past during quarantine. Avoid to not think negative experiences in your past. If you do, it just will harm you.

7. Stream events

The reason why the things you planned might not be working may be due to the different plans the universe has made for you.

It may rain on the day you plan to go to a picnic. It is up to you to continue your picnic, dance in the rain, postpone it or complain non-stop. What keeps our life different and dynamic is that what we are planning is not going well.

You will realize that when you start living by leaving the events flowing, you will experience unforgettable moments. When something develops beyond our control, trying to adapt to the situation rather than complain will take you one step further.

8. Believe in yourself

Sometimes we can experience moments in life that we cannot see ahead of us and cannot predict what will come up. Moving forward without knowing where you are going can be frightening and involving risk; but you can never see what happens at the end of the road while you are not moving. Keep your faith strong and believe that you will reach the point you want to reach one day.

9. See life as a learning process

We tend to get upset when we are sad, thinking that the worst things have happened to us, but whatever the negative experiences we have, it is temporary. The important thing is to be able to approach the times of sadness, joy, fear or change we experience as a learning process. To be inspired by taking lessons from your mistakes and sharing your experiences with other people.

Every moment of your life journey is very precious. It is not possible to take back the time and eliminate all the negativities in your life. Believe in yourself and be aware that change begins within you.

Don’t forget, we are in this together!