I’m 55 – a declaration that in and of itself, feels like a radical act.  Compounded with the fact that I’m a woman, and a single woman at that – well, it almost feels inappropriate to say out loud.

Most of us, men and women alike, have been raised and accustomed to basing our actions that over time, create the landscape of our life, on the benchmarks of success “society” dictates.  Underlying most of the rules, is the spoken and often silent belief that time is running out – more so for women than men.  For women, it begins with our love-ability, marriageability, biological clock, and the ultimate demon: wrinkles on the freakin’ forehead!

As a woman who has passed through all those gates of hell and has survived to tell, as well as a Professional Coach who regularly works with men and women in their 40’s and older, I feel pretty qualified to share my greatest weapon against this harmful, completely unhelpful, and arguably untrue belief that time is running out.

For myself, and the men and women who have achieved midlife, and are enthusiastic about creating the second half of their life with consciousness and purpose, it goes like this.

Instead of making the usual to-do list of all the things you’re running out of time with, make a list of all the shit you don’t have time for anymore.

At 55, here, in absolutely no particular order, is what I do not have time for:

  1. High heels
  2. Starvation
  3. Cheap wine
  4. Guilt
  5. Small talk
  6. Gossip
  7. Uncomfortable clothes
  8. Listening to bullshit
  9. Boring people
  10. Working harder rather than smarter
  11. Proving
  12. Pleasing
  13. Rudeness
  14. Appearing more intelligent than I feel at any given moment
  15. Playing small
  16. Asking forgiveness for wanting to create a successful business just because I want to
  17. Worrying about being a bad mom (daughter, sister, friend,etc….)
  18. Others’ opinions on whether I have enough trail shoes or hydration packs – Yes, I own 10 packs and no, I DO NOT have enough trail shoes, ever!
  19. Other people’s idea of what should matter most to me – even those people I love and adore
  20. Picking up the phone, just because it’s ringing

What’s transformative and almost magical about making your own, unique “Shit I Don’t Have Time For” list at midlife, or any age, is that we suddenly realize we have so much time for all the things that do matter to us, and in truth, time is never running out.


  • Carolyn Mahboubi

    Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach


    Carolyn Mahboubi is a Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach. She has helped countless individuals, from high-achieving CEOs to world-renowned entrepreneurs, take the next step to achieve their goals. Explore their unique stories. Carolyn is also the creator of The Life Vault, a self-paced online course to creating a life with purpose and intention. Connect with Carolyn: LinkedIn | Instagram