Ok so a word we hear very often today is “Live your authentic life

Over the years I must say every time I was with a different teacher/guru I thought I was living my authentic life. But I was living their authentic lives, I think!

I tried over the last many years to understand what is Authenticity? How do I become more authentic? If I was not being honest and authentic, how was I going to help the people around me; my family, my friends, my clients? So I decided that I was going to Stop constantly being nice and saying yes to everyone (not literally)

I decided I would just be genuine. I started to notice when and where I had a tendency to be inauthentic. I needed to be aware and keep myself away from people and situations where my authenticity was flourishing. This is not easy… people judge you more, question you and in the bargain, you may end up losing some dear ones.

The one thing I always tried to do always have fun, love and laugh and just live as I wanted to. Now little did I know that this was a part of living authentically?
Living authentically is when we are being true to ourselves. When we stop living what people expect of us or of some beliefs created.

So, what stops us from living our authentic lives? Who stops us?

I believe the only person stopping us is our self. Our fears, our beliefs, our expectations and this are where a shift is needed.
We just need to align what we want, what we feel, what we think and what we do.
If we think a certain way, but behave another way because we feel that is what is expected… What are we doing?? Whose life are we living?

We need to go with our instincts. Think, feel, behave and act the way you feel is the best for you. Because honestly, no one knows you and understands you better than yourself.

So, go on and start living the Amazing Authentic You.