Alexandria Maria

It’s easy to get caught up in your career, but if that career shreds you to pieces and doesn’t help you succeed in a life that you’re happy with, it’s not doing you any favors. Alexandria learned the hard way after she suffered a breakdown. Surviving that time in her life was the very thing that turned it around

Today, Alexandria is living her best life. She’s a recovered perfectionist and finally escaped the corporate life that held her back. As a Business Strategist, Manifestation Queen, Empowerment Coach and Business Mentor, she’s found her true desire. Alexandria’s focus and mission is to help other women. By reigniting their spark within, and reconnecting them with their truth, she’s able to lead them toward a life they’d only dreamt about.

Her life has been success after success, so why wasn’t she happy? In fact, she’s been featured in multiple media venues, such as on the BBC, Telegraph Luxury, and was even on Dragon’s Den. So why did a woman who’s been shortlisted for Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2019) and Start-Up Business of the Year (2019) need to make a change?

Alexandria went on to create a health food brand (CHAM) that found its way onto shelves of big markets such as Selfridges, Ocado, Whole Foods, and Holland & Barrett.  Things were going great, but once again she realized while she’d given up the stress and non-stop headaches of corporate life and traded them for the same exact scenario—non-stop stress.

Once again, she made a change. Today, her mission is bigger than big—helping others succeed. By assisting and coaching women to build empires, she’s hoping that the women she helps will have a positive impact on the world. It was during her training as a coach that she knew she was headed in the right direction. She bloomed, felt strong, and her passion and fire returned.

Via her three programs: Design your Soul Yes Life, The Soulful Start-Up, and The Expansion, she’s able to reach those who are ready to change their lives and live their best life. When not running her programs, she holds workshops globally that focus on Manifestation. Her clients span from the Big 4 Global Consultancies to Nomade Tulum.

Alexandria doesn’t do anything halfway, because she’s passionate about being the best she can be. She’s a Certified Holistic Health Coach, holds a Masters in Business from a top business school, is a 400 hour qualified Yoga Instructor, and has received awards for Global Marketing and Strategy.

She loves to combine mindset training with business strategy. She’s been so successful at what she does, that she’s had a six-figure month in as little as 18 months. But, it’s not just Alexandria who is succeeding. Her clients are seeing epic results as well. Many have left their day jobs, out earned their previous salaries, and finally feel a sense of purpose in their work.

Her future goal is to create more ways to support female founders and help them achieve all they can be. To learn more, visit Soul Yes, LLC and Alexandria Maria.