As a former high powered executive and now an entrepreneur, I have struggled all my life with the ideas of calm, mindful, peace, and the like. Always pushing those and other concepts aside as “fluffy, touchy-feely, or for those who are weak.”

What a surprise to discover that they very practices and things I eschewed have now become my greatest leadership tools! My perspective is that the simplest of actions can make an enormous difference. Here is my current formula for peace, mindfulness, and happiness:

  1. Set a daily intention- each day I make a conscious choice about my intention. Today it is “have an open heart.” The power of this simply reminder is astonishing.
  2. When my feet hit the floor in the morning, and before I lift my rear end off the mattress, I utter the following (or a close derivation) out loud- “Today will be s wonderful day!”
  3. I spend 10 minutes a day in meditative practice with an emphasis on practice.

Here is what I notice, I am less irritable, I am more focused, I am more patient, and I am more effective. Yes, I am more effective by practicing these simple techniques by an exponential order of magnitude than I ever was without them.

Try it yourself. #weeklyprompt