We all wish to be the best, but most people ponder if becoming a better person is an actual possibility once we touch adulthood. Unquestionably, the answer is yes! Throughout your life, you will have specific universal ambitions that you hope to achieve. Everybody desires to be happy and loved and be blessed with prosperity, wealth, and success one day. 

The majority of us secretly believe and hope that if we do things better and work on perfecting ourselves, we will eventually become better and worthy enough to fulfill all our dreams. Truthfully, nobody in the world is perfect, nor will ever be. Still, this is no excuse to try to improve ourselves. 

This life is a journey where every one of us strives to become the person we would like ourselves to be. Our guide on how to become a better person highlights some valuable ideas that will assist you in improving yourself and possibly become the best version of yourself that you aspire to be.   

14 Tips on Becoming a Better Person

While considering the best interests of people whom you care about and your own personal wellbeing, here are some important ways that you can abide by to become better over time.

1. Compliment Yourself

It is an excellent habit to compliment yourself and your tiniest deeds. Whether it is your haircut, outfit, skin-care regime, cooking, or how you accomplished a task with your impressive skills, this little appreciation will boost your confidence and make you happy. 

2. Do not Make Excuses

It is useless to make excuses about your unhappy professional and personal lives or blaming the people in your surroundings. Instead, learn to be accountable for your mistakes and pledge not to repeat them.

3. Let Go of Anger

Letting go of your anger or bad temper is easier said than done. Despite the normality of this emotion, it is harmful to let your anger fester for long. People with pent up anger are likely to make unwise decisions and face deterioration in health. The best way to let go of anger is to meditate or write down your thoughts. 

4. Learn to forgive others

One of the best practices to become a better person is to learn to forgive others and let go of all the hatred and bitter feelings. It is also recommended to release yourself from all the hostility and negative past experiences by meditating.

5. Do not Show up Empty-handed

One of the most important things people should work on is never showing up empty-handed at anyone’s house or party. It is always preferable to bring something for the hosts to show how happy you are for being invited.

6. Be Honest and Direct

Honesty and openness in your personal and professional life is one of the critical factors to improving yourself. Always be truthful and straightforward in whatever message you want to convey to others. 

7. Be Helpful

Helping an old person cross the road, carrying grocery bags for your mother, or assisting your fellow peers in a class assignment are ways you can be of help to others. Make this a habit and see how good you feel about yourself.

8. Listen to Others

Listening to other people and giving them the respect to share their thoughts is probably the most significant trait of being a good person. If you are habitual of cutting off others midway, start listening to what they have to say and see your life take a positive turn.

9. Always Be Polite

A simple act of kindness can make somebody’s day so much more special. There is no point in behaving rudely or condescendingly with others, as it will get you nowhere.

10. Greet everyone you meet

Make it a habit to greet everybody you come across with a simple hello or good morning/afternoon. Doing this will make you more noticeable amongst others as well as cultivate a sense of tranquility.

11. Be Open to Change

The road to becoming a better person also calls for being open to change. Try exploring things that you have always been scared of doing. Experiencing new things and new people will also make you more confident.

12. Be Respectful

It is vital to respect other people and their customs no matter how different they are from yours. Respect the thoughts, feelings, traditions, ideas, work styles, and time. 

13. Cultivate Gratitude

Learn to be thankful for everything from the simplest pleasures of life to the most extravagant items. Maintain a gratitude journal and keep noting all the things you are deeply grateful to have in your life. Showing gratitude towards others tends to improve sleep patterns, fight off stress, and cultivate positivity and healthy social relationships.

14. Educate Yourself

Know that we live in a multi-cultural and interconnected world where it is crucial to know and understand the different people and current events. Taking an interest in other people’s lives will make you a better-rounded person and understand things from a different perspective.


It is worth noting that you cannot become a better person overnight or even in a fortnight, but it will definitely happen over time. As long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible, and you will see yourself transform into a better person for good!