I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and grew up on the city’s northside in the Ville neighborhood. The neighborhood I grew up in was full of pride and historical references. Still, it was also full of abandoned dreams, vacant lots, drug addicts, and prostitutes. I remember walking to my bus stop in the mornings with my older sister. In most cases, we left out before the sun fully rose, and the street lights turn off to signify morning. To get to the bus stop, we walked past dark dilapidated buildings, broken glass, and overgrown weeds and grass as tall as us. I taught us how to defend ourselves against attackers. See, back then, educators didn’t think about the social-emotional well being of black kids. We were taught how to fight and survive. And well, that is what we did.

I grew up knowing I did not want to be poor, and I wanted to help mitigate impoverished communities. I knew that poverty was the root cause of crime, drug addiction, and education. My grandmother worked at Homer G. Phillips Hospital. The first hospital west of the Mississippi to train African-American doctors and nurses. My grandmother migrated from the north to St. Louis to get trained as a nurse. She was my guiding force to continue my studies and gain my economic freedom through entrepreneurship.

As the CEO and President of a thriving company, many people see my glory and but do not understand my story. I love working and helping other entrepreneurs realize their dream and pave the way to their prosperity.

Why did you decide to create your own business?

I started my own company because I wanted to realize my own economic freedom. I wanted to change the trajectory of my life and the lives of my children. I wanted to be in control of my future.

What do you love most about the industry you are in?

I love helping people. I love supporting people and showing them how to go to the next level. I love helping others like me pass down generational wealth and knowledge.

What does a typical day consist of for you?

A typical day is never like the previous day. I wake up praying and thanking God for my blessings and I go to bed thanking Him. I walk my spirited daughter, Secret. Yes, I am a dog mom. My human kids get jealous. I drink cream and coffee. Yes, I said it right more cream than coffee. I check in with my team, check my calendar, check my tasks, and get started.

What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by the women who have paved the way for me to get an education, buy a house, open an account, vote, own a business, and much more. I motivated by my grandmother who was born not having the right to vote but before she passed had the chance to vote for her favorite President, Barack Obama. I am motivated by the endless possibilities of the future of our community.

How do you motivate others?

I share with people tips and techniques on how to become a better version of themselves each day. How to love themselves and appreciate their uniqueness and value. I help them see the light within and in turn, I shine the light on their light. I want their light to catch fire!

How do you maintain a solid work life balance?

I have setup a peaceful sanctuary in my house. I call it my spiritual spa. It allows me to decompress, think, write, and balance my soul.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to others?

One of the biggest life’s lesson throughout life’s journey you will experience different terrain. Sometimes the terrain will be rough, slippery, and rigid; but never stop traveling. Keep moving through your journey. Never stop believing in yourself.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?

Trust yourself more than your trust any other human being.

Outside of work, what defines you as a person?

My spirituality, community involvement, and love for family is what defines me outside of work. I make sure I find time to nourish my soul and my own happiness. Many times, women forget about themselves and forget about what makes them happy. I feed my happiness. I love being happy. Normally, I always have a big smile on my face.

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