Bryan Punturo grew up in a modest community where hard work and life goals were a part of his family’s framework. After attending both Penn State University and the University of Alabama, Bryan entered the world of endless opportunity with both a bachelor’s degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in engineering. These credentials opened the doors to an engineering position with Shell Oil Company which took Bryan from Alabama to Michigan. 

During his tenure with Shell Oil Company, it became apparent to Bryan that he had higher goals to pursue before he could settle into a lifelong career. Thus, the door of entrepreneurship swung open and his time studying at the college of life began. 

With relentless energy and a positive attitude for success, Bryan never overlooked an opportunity.  Some of his endeavors included owning and operating various retail establishments, a fitness center, and multiple tanning salons, which evolved into a regional franchised industry leader in the Midwest. Bryan also spent a few short years as a commercial pilot. 

The knowledge and security Bryan accumulated from these various endeavors gave him the foundation needed to continue moving up to higher levels. As a licensed general contractor, Bryan built both residential and commercial structures. With the acquisition of some commercial real estate, Bryan began to take that particular challenge to much higher levels. With each new benchmark came new insight into yet another path of achievement. 

This culmination of experience and financial growth ultimately led to the purchase of waterfront land that would be the site for an 80-room hotel with a full bar and restaurant. This station in life ultimately allowed Bryan to grow and prosper to the point where the security and financial rewards slowed his search for the next big opportunity.

To this day Bryan is the onsite owner/operator of the property known as the ParkShore Resort in Traverse City, Michigan. This property is a four-star facility that is located on the Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Mi. The waterway is an extension of Lake Michigan and is a four-season playground for much of the downstate community. 

Now, with 21 years on the property under his belt and a very seasoned support staff, Bryan winters in Florida, but can always be found with his phone close at hand. 

Life has been challenging and rewarding for Bryan, and he now spends his free time mentoring young, like-minded, potential entrepreneurs by relating his experiences and his proven path to success.  

Why did you decide to create your own business?

I was never satisfied with simply being a tread on the tire of a successful vehicle. Although I learned many lessons from my corporate experiences, I always knew my true reward was to seek out my own path and take my dreams to a level that the corporate world simply would not provide. My engineering knowledge always allowed me to be creative and think through obstacles to achieve a desired goal. 

What do you love most about the industry you are in?

I love the fact that we can provide a good product at a fair price and make memorable life experiences for our guests. We incorporated a wedding venue into our facility that can host up to 50 weddings a year. These weddings are on the beach and we attend to the every need of our clients, and, most importantly, to the needs they do not know they have. In the end everyone is always overwhelmed with the quality and personal attention we give to their special event.

What does a typical day consist of for you?

As a person that grew up fixing everything myself, I have basically learned every trade imaginable in the course of our business. We do not hire any subcontractor services for our facility. My staff and I attend to every need the property presents. Most days I am dressed like the maintenance person and fixing whatever needs attention. 

What keeps you motivated?

My wife and I have a great relationship, and she is by my side every day. She attends to the needs of clients on a customer service level while I attend to their needs on a support level. Our days together are enjoyable and rewarding which keeps us both motivated to work through our summer season.

How do you motivate others?

I learned many years ago that you cannot motivate someone unless they have respect for you. Thus, I am always the first on the job and the last to leave. I work beside every one of our staff and they see my energy and commitment in performing the most elementary tasks. Because of this, they buy into my goals and don’t hesitate to join my efforts to achieve the standard we desire.

How has your company grown from its early days to now?

Early on we were heavily financed and very cost conscious. Now, having 21 years of experience under our belts, we have shed that financial burden and can be more aggressive in areas of need. At this point, we keep the property in like-new condition at all times.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by my accomplishments. I am not afraid to delve into a large project because I know I have the background to complete it and I know what the outcome will be before I start. When I can see the end results before the project is started, it’s easy to be motivated to complete it.

How do you maintain a solid work life balance?

It is much easier today than it was when my entire fortune was on the line with every venture. When I was in the growing stage, I knew that every path had the opportunity for failure, and if I were to risk too much, I may not be able to recover. In those days, I was wound very tightly. It was not easy for me to maintain relationships because my business always came first. Today, I have the perfect blend of business and personal relationships which allows both to coexist in harmony.  

What traits do you possess that makes a successful leader?

I am confident, secure, and not willing to ask anyone to do anything that I have not done many times myself. I understand the limitations of people around me and never push them to failure, but always challenge them to challenge themselves. 

Outside of work, what defines you as a person?

I am attracted to others that have dreams and desires but are not sure of their path forward. I try to help them attain confidence and make smart decisions in light of constant uncertainties. I don’t wear my success on my sleeve. A lot of people that know me don’t understand how I can be so involved in matters that most people would simply write a check for. I can’t do that. I never lost the work ethic that I grew up with. If I wanted something as a child, I had to first earn the money to get it. I grew up in a time where there was no such thing as a credit card. I still have those values and enjoy sharing the benefits of them with others.   

Where do you see you and your company in 5 years?

I have given authority to my core employees that has allowed me to step back from the company a bit.  In return for their efforts, I have put in place profit sharing programs that give them financial security for the future. I believe that in 5 years I will have the same employees and be doing the same things I do today. I enjoy what I do and have no desire to stop doing that in the near future.