While the popularity of at-home teeth straightening continues to grow, many British consumers with crooked teeth have been more inclined to seek treatment now with this subtle alternative to metal braces. Yet with the uptick in invisible aligner companies, consumers are now met with a number of options when it comes to choosing who to purchase treatment from. But out of the U.K. comes a new industry leader in the invisible aligners space, backed and founded by celebrity dentist Dr. Richard Marques and CEO Ben Reed— Diamond Whites.

Though they launched in 2012 as a teeth whitening system, Diamond Whites has since evolved and is now recognized as the leading teeth aligners company with the latest technology that ensures a smooth and seamless treatment for every patient. We recently had a conversation with CEO Ben Reed about Diamond Whites and the company’s recent growth and just what makes them the optimal choice for teeth alignment. 

Q: What would you say is Diamond Whites unique selling point? And how does that make you a primary differentiator, setting you apart from competition?
: Unlike other at home Invisible Aligner brands, we monitor your progress remotely every week via our ScanBox and smartphone app. 
Using extremely intelligent AI that has taken over half a billion scans backed by our fully qualified Dental Team we review your progress week in week out and inform you when your teeth are ready to move on to your next stage. As a result, we have been able to cut down on in-clinic chair time to not only save the customer time but the expense that comes with it. 

Q: With the announcement of Diamond Whites funding this year, what are you most looking forward to in terms of development and growth? 
: The part I am most looking forward to is the increase in smile transformations! There is nothing better than knowing we have helped improve thousands of smiles nationwide and now being able to implement the perfect team and products to expand internationally in coming months is amazing. 

Q: How did the concept and technology behind the AI scans come about and how do you think that’s changed the overall aligner treatment process?
: It has always been an important factor to ensure that we offer our product affordably without the lack of quality or safety. We spent many months of research & development and after extensive testing we found the perfect provider of software that allows us to do exactly this.  
The monitoring app is still operated by our Dental team. So, scans are checked manually where required, this allows the customer to receive a quicker response than if they were to send photos via email. The AI technology allows our customers to feel much more at ease knowing our experienced dental team is just a message away.

Q: To what do you think you and Dr. Marques owe your rapid growth in the last year? 
: Diamond Whites has been an established leading brand in the teeth whitening industry since I started it in 2012 and Dr. Richard has spent many years transforming the smiles of celebrities from around the globe. The two profiles created the perfect formula for success, giving customers an option, they instantly know they can trust. 

Q: What has been most rewarding for you throughout the process of growing Diamond Whites? 
: I touched on the smile transformations above but also being able to build an amazing team. Everybody from each department puts in their all to ensure our customers have the most amazing experience from the start to finish of their journey. It’s rewarding to know the team cares as much as the founders. 

Q: What has it been like for you to see your company go from a teeth whitening solution to the most innovative selection on the market in the invisible aligner space? 
:  It has been an amazing experience, gaining knowledge from one of the best (if not the best) Dentists in the UK. Having spent many years learning about the whitening side of the industry to learn from a master in his field on the straightening side is amazing. The fact we can now extend our services to our client base is fantastic too!