I received the 9th law of the Ascension channellings sometime ago, and have decided to share a few short paragraphs with you. In faith I trust that in someway they will give you some food for thought on what will come to pass and how you can reflect upon yourself.  Or even the process of a deep undisputable knowing may begin to be illuminated to you?

As you begin to truly learn and understand and implement true values. A true consciousness, the true creation of honour and respect will be a desire to work for good.  An undisputable knowing of how things need to be, will once again run through your blood, your bones as every cell of your being is ignited with an undisputable knowing. 

For good of all people you will desire to discover more of the ancient wisdom encoded in your soul. This is a process that you cannot rush to return to. The guidance is to walk the journey in a sacred manner through making a commitment to a deeper spiritual connection.  The truth that will be revealed to you cannot be capitalized upon for it is a way of being. You are not a commodity of the moment. The ebbs and flows in trend will have no power. 

You are part of the ONE consciousness.

A consciousness that needs to learn to return to a higher order. To relate. To ensure and to respond differently to a desperate situation. A new way forward will be needed, a new life force energy encoded in an undisputable knowing, that will represent itself for you to step forward, an expression of courage, kindness, and consciousness to integrate change. 

For all that has been deceived will be discovered

You are to seek true meaning. And a true sense of self. And the truth of the wisdom that will reconnect you in the depth of richness. You may have once deceived yourself but the truth of what you are here to do will be uncovered through the process of discovery. An undisputable knowing is on its way to you. 

Trust your intuition. Sense, feel and connect.  If you wish to go a little deeper please access the resources page and listen to the guidance audio on a deep undisputable knowing.