Andrei Efremov, top hypnotherapy teacher in Russia introduces his new concept called MindChat as a result of the hypnotherapy evolution. He created a simple and efficient method to train people to learn hypnotherapy quickly: no need to study for months. Hypnosis applies to anyone wanting to rid the negative energy behind fear and anger, and in turn, diseases associated with such energy disappear. Below we ask him a few questions 

How did you start your career journey?

I started just like any other hypnosis practitioner, but I never believed in what my teacher taught me. I practiced without the limits of my trainers and managed to evolutionize my practice, rendering one of the most efficient approaches in the world.

I graduated in 2011 as a medical doctor and then became certified as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I began to provide a full live 7-day training course which was visited by at least 300 people and for 500 doctors I’ve held short live master-classes. 

How is your process different from traditional hypnotherapy?

I then created my own vision of helping people with deep rooted issues and realized that formal regression doesn’t need to be utilized when assisting others, meaning there is no need to reveal your deepest secrets to a complete stranger. Using my process, there is no need to remember anything you regret or are ashamed of. 

Abreaction during hypnotherapy practice is absolutely normal and required by many schools as an obligatory way to succeed. If a person feels like crying, screaming, howling, weeping, coughing, or breaking out in hysterical laughter, it is called ‘release of trauma.’ With my new approach, formal regression is no longer necessary. This makes the process safer by avoiding deep abreactions.

Traditional hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions require hours of time for preparation and sessions to achieve substantial results. I use superfast trauma release in minutes. Another risk of hypnosis is that people have confabulations, when what they remember during trance has actually never happened. At the deepest level, one can have hallucinations, amnesia, and other hypnotic phenomena. 

Why does your approach work better? 

I discovered we are all in hypnosis already. The trance state is so natural for us. Our consciousness always splits reality into two parts creating hypnotic state. You will not have to tell your life story to anyone or expose early childhood drama to a stranger and then hope for confidentiality and ethics. 

Where can we find more information?

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