Alexander Everest is a healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience in key positions in the healthcare industry. He began his career as a student at the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Medical Center, all the while learning the finer points of healthcare administration from his late father, Dr. Edwin Everest. After four years with the VA, Alexander joined his father’s firm, West Coast Healthcare Consultants, all the while working toward earning a PhD in Healthcare and Business Administration. He earned his doctorate in 2014, and then joined his father’s company in a full-time capacity.

In the course of their business, Alexander Everest and his father noticed a recurrent problem of medical school graduates from overseas facing substantial obstacles obtaining a U.S. medical residency, then passing the boards, before becoming a licensed physician in the United States. Whether it takes the form of discrimination in the residency placement process or bureaucratic red tape, they viewed this short-sighted state of affairs as an almost-criminal waste of medical talent and set out to solve the problem through their company. After his father passed away in 2008, Mr. Everest took control of the business and developed it into, a sophisticated website that provides consulting services to aspiring physicians who need help navigating the complex medical residency process in the US.

Further cultivating his life-long passion for higher learning, Alexander Everest is currently studying to earn a Doctorate in Theology and Biblical Studies in his spare time. He also volunteers with Children of the Night, a charitable organization that rescues young girls and boys trapped in the illegal underground sex trafficking industry.

Recently, Alexander Everest has made a foray into the music industry with his purchase of the historic hip-hop label Death Row Records. He is now the CEO of that company.

Please tell us about your acquisition of Death Row Records. How and when did you find out about this opportunity?

My team identified the opportunity in 2019 and we were excited to be able to purchase such an established name in the music world.  As the CEO of Death Row Records, I am looking forward to this new adventure and have big plans for the label.

What specifically was included with this acquisition? The rights to the logo? Any of the previous recordings? Or was it just the name you acquired? Please elaborate.

With the acquisition I purchased the label name Death Row Records. We did not purchase any of the prior music catalogue or the logo. It does not go with the spirit and the heart of where I currently want to take the new Death Row Records in 2021.

Can we assume you have respect and love for the music the label has produced in the past, or hip-hop in general?

I grew up when Death Row Records was thriving; the previous incarnation of Death Row Records, with the rap and gangster rap. That’s what it was known for. I’m very familiar with the music and the artists. I don’t have a love for that music. If someone does, I’m not saying I’m judging them, but I became a Christian in 2013, so my taste in certain genres and styles of music has definitely changed and it is not in line with the previous Death Row recordings.

What are the next steps for you now that you’re the CEO?

My vision for Death Row Records is this: I believe as a Christian that everyone is on death row until they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Our new logo now displays the three crosses—the one that Jesus was crucified on, as well as that of the two thieves crucified with him—that’s death row. You are on death row until you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. So, the essence of Death Row Records now is producing music that honors Christ and has a positive message. Our music will now have a positive message moving forward.

Death Row Records was a West Coast hip-hop label. Do you plan to carry the traditions and sounds of the West Coast into your new Christian hip-hop label?

You know, I’m absolutely open to producing gospel hip-hop music. One recent album that comes to mind is Kanye West’s Jesus Is King. There are other up-and-coming, emerging artists, as well. Hip-hop would be one of the genres of music we produce and we are open to contemporary Christian music, gospel music, and fundamental music. We just want to produce good music that honors the Lord and that is uplifting and gives encouragement to people.

How do you find artists? Do you already have artists signed to the label?

We do have artists signed to the label. As far as locating artists, we are always looking for talent. Along with the talent, we want someone’s life to be in tune with the scriptures. So, we don’t want an artist that can sing really well but their way of life is contrary to our beliefs, which are aligned with the Bible.

Do you plan to collaborate with any former artists or producers from the original Death Row Records?

We have no intentions in the near future to collaborate with any of the former artists or producers. If someone approaches us and has the heart for our music and our mission with the music, we would always be open to producing with them if they’re in tune with our vision.

Will you continue to use the Death Row Records name? Or how will you re-brand and incorporate Death Row Records into your new label?

We are Death Row Records. No one else can, according to the state of our current legal structure, use the name Death Row Records. We are not using any of the old genres or any of the old music catalogue or material, though. So, we are not re-branding, but rather branding—because we are, in fact, a new company—as a Christian label.

When should the public expect to hear the new sounds of Death Row’s Christian rap label?

We are planning to release music in 2021. We are really looking forward to it.

Would you like to give a message to any of the former Death Row executives or artists, Suge Knight included, who may see this article?

Trust the Lord with all of your heart. Lean not unto your own understanding. Honor the Lord with your life. I have no quarrels or ifs, ands, or buts with anybody if you want to make music under our record label, Death Row Records.

Would you like to say anything else before we finish?

We want to give encouragement to people. We want to infuse human kindness and the human touch and human sincerity into our music. We want to keep our main focus, which is encouraging people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through our music.