TG: Tell us about yourself:

CS: My name is Cao Son Nguyen, full name is Nguyen Ngoc Cao Son. My story today is telling about my fiancé can be seen as my future wife, she is Sunny Tee Hee, in a native language is Sunny Huynh. Our story began during the lockdown in our country due to the bad effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, people staying at home and using social media networks as online communication. We accidentally met each other in a Crypto Telegram group named “Cat Trader” and then we started talking to each other until we became official lovers.

People saying that love isn’t real until you meet them in their real life. But to me, it seems that we have been together for several years and then we have to stay far away due to the pandemic. We had such a powerful connection to each other that makes us feel secured although Sunny is a little overthinker. And it seems that everything has been installed for a long time until we met and everything is very smooth. And after lockdown, we have been together like there wasn’t any distance between us, and by that time, I’ve just realized that she is another half part of my little heart.

TG:   Can you tell me about the important people in your life?

CS: Family members are the most important people in my life. And to me, the important people in my life is the one who will hold my hand to overcome tons of “storms” in the world. That person is my future wife, she is Sunny Tee Hee or you can call her Sunny Huynh.

Sometimes people think that we need a rich family than a happy family but I think a happy family will help your house to become a home and soon it makes us rich together and falls in love like the same old days.

 TG:   What have been some of the happiest moments in your life? The saddest?

CS: The happiest moment in my life about my love is when I first met Sunny. Like we have been falling in love for many years before getting social distance. The feeling when I met her, I really missed her although we haven’t met before, that feeling is hard to express. However, the saddest moment was when I saw her tears rolling down her cheeks. As an overthinker, instead of saying things that make her feels more worried, spend your time with her to make her feel better, it will reduce her sadness.

TG:    Can you tell me about a moment when a person’s kindness made a difference in your life?

CS:  A moment when a person came into your life that made you become another person. It seems that all of your old behaviors were changed by their kindness. They made influences you and that made you change. That person is my lover and she always tries to help me to figure myself out to become a better version of who I am.

 TG:   What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

CS:  Learnt from Sunny one of millions of lessons: ‘Don’t try to win an argument and lose someone you love.’ It happened when we make arguments, while the two of us all have our different formulations and it makes both feeling uncomfortable. Instead of trying to find who is right and wrong, listen to each other and everything will be solved.

 TG:   What is your earliest memory?

CS:  The earliest moment is also the happiest moment when we first met each other during the lockdown of the pandemic. As being locked down, there are many cops in my area and it was extremely tough to pass through it. But thanks to my love to Sunny, I have surpassed all of the obstacles to meet her. However, I was caught by the securities by the time I returned my apartment and I had to write a report, also tested the COVID-19 kit before getting released.

TG:   What are you proudest of?

CS:  Proud to have a girl like Sunny. The one who doesn’t care who you are accepts to work together with you and become successful together in the future. Not just me but my family is proud of her and dreaming of having Sunny as a daughter-in-law in my family as soon as she accepted my engagement in the near future.

TG:   When in life have you felt most alone?

CS:  Living a moment without people you love is alone to me. And at that moment, only Sunny is standing with me and trying to keep myself calm from our Messenger video call screen.

TG:    If you could hold on to memories from your life forever, which would they be?

CS:  The moment that me and Sunny holding each other hands, hugging, telling that no matter how we will always be together forever and after…

TG:    What does your future hold?

CS:  A girl you love who will turn your home into a house. As we said, we will get rich together by working hard and building an empire together with big love and big efforts.

TG:    What are your hopes for what the future holds for you?

CS:  Having a happy family, being rich, and always in love with Sunny like the good old days…

TG:    What are your hopes for your children?

CS:  It should be one little girl called “Alice” and one boy called “Theta”.


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