Tell us about yourself, where you are born and what you do.

I was born in Bermuda and I came to the states when I was six years old my parents dropped me off and I never saw them again until I was 20 years old. I moved from place to place until my older sister took me in.

What gives you energy?

My children are my why it is important to me that I said a great example for them and it is important that I leave a legacy behind that they can follow in and so that their journey isn’t as difficult as mine worse it is also important for me to leave this world a little bit better than it was before I got here because I was here I want to have mattered and know that my life have meaning has meaning and I want others to know that their life also has meaning and purpose despite how may have begun.

What’s your secret life hack?

Well I believe that we all have superpowers and anytime I want to accomplish anything I remind myself that I am a superhero. Anything that I want to accomplish and anything that I can imagine I can do and that allows that specific idea to manifest in my life.

What is your greatest challenges experience and how did you overcome it?

Well challenges for me I really things to overcome they are experiences to learn from so I don’t really look at challenges as something that’s difficult it’s more a mental battle of where I’m going and making the next right move the next right step that I am always battling with however learning to trust myself and being OK with setbacks is something that I am still learning to deal with because I have huge responsibilities not only to myself but others and I take that very seriously.

Name a book that changed your life. The Myth, The Bible, The art of war,

Think and grow rich

Tell us about your relationship with your phone. Does it sleep with you?

OK so my phone does not sleep with me but it is very close to me and my phone is like my robot vacuum it is one of my family members OK I’m embarrassed…lol

How do you deal with email?

Well I have my email separated out into various account. Il personally answer emails that are extremely important or personal to me things that are general or speaking engagements etc. my assistant with and she answers those emails

How can we reach out to you?

You can follow me on below links:

Instagram: donnette_dawn

Twitter: donnettedawn