Recently, Duke Liberatore and his wife Dr. Jan McBarron, alternatively known from their long-running radio show as ‘Duke and The Doctor’ launched a GoFundMe account aimed at sending donations directly to the Wounded Warrior project, a charitable organization that assists US military veterans. With a long history in the public eye running parallel to an unwavering support for the armed forces Duke & The Doctor answer some questions outlining the details surrounding their most recent charitable campaign.

What Is the Wounded Warrior Project?

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2003. It is a nonprofit charitable organization that was founded as a direct response to the military actions taken immediately after September 11th, 2001. Every donation that we provide to them will go directly to the assistance of veterans who have been affected in many different ways, from physical injuries sustained to psychological issues. All of these things directly impact their ability to live out their daily lives, and they need our help.

Since its inception, the Wounded Warrior Project has raised over $197 million dollars, and this was in 2018 alone. In terms of people served, more than 71,866 alumni and 11,494 members have been positively impacted by the charity, with the potential for many more with each passing day.

What Made You Decide to Start Raising Funds?

The best way to sum up our strong desire to support the Wounded Warrior project is in their motto: “The greatest casualty is being forgotten”. The idea that these brave men and women aren’t getting the help they need is a call to action for all of us, who very much take for granted our ability to live out our lives freely and peacefully.

In simple terms, help is desperately needed. If you’re still unsure about whether or not your donation is needed, let alone if it will make a difference, you need only to put yourself in the shoes of a veteran who is having difficulty living due to a physical or mental impairment; possibly even both. They willingly and knowingly put themselves in danger through their acts of service, acts which have allowed the rest of us to live in peace, knowing that we are protected.

We strongly believe we owe our veterans a debt of gratitude for their service. The absolute least we can do to show this gratitude is provide a donation. The Duke and The Doctor GoFundMe account makes it easy for anyone to contribute. No amount is too small, every dollar is desperately needed and deeply appreciated.

What Is Your History with Supporting Our Armed Forces?

Duke and The Doctor have always felt obligated to support our troops and veterans. Both of us have relatives who served: For Duke, his Uncle Joseph made the ultimate sacrifice and lost his life in the army during World War II. For Doc, her father Edward served in the navy during World War II as well. Together, they fought hard to ensure America’s freedom was preserved.

Duke and The Doctor married as college sweethearts in 1987 and our support for the US military hasn’t wavered. A major reason we relocated to Columbus GA was we wanted to live in a military town. Columbus is the home of Ft. Benning, the largest Army infantry training facility. Subsequently we spent over thirty years providing both physical and emotional support by attending fundraisers, as well as providing financial aid through sponsored events and contributions. The name, ‘Duke and The Doctor’, is engraved on a paver outside the Infantry Museum.

Duke and The Doctor

Duke founded and operated a highly successful chain of health food stores while Doc saw patients in her private medical practice specializing in Medical Bariatrics. Together they co-hosted “Duke and The Doctor”, a two hour, daily, nationally syndicated health talk show that received multiple awards and garnered hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners.


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