Galina Antonova is an actress, influencer and blogger from the Los Angeles area, who has more than 190,000 followers on Instagram. Originally from Russia, Galina moved to the USA at age 19 with a dream and never looked back.

Speaking with Galina the other day was insightful, We talked about herself, her brand and how she has been able to come this far. Here is our conversation;

Where are you from originally? What is your story?

I am originally from Moscow, Russia. I moved to USA when I was 19. I put myself through college and got a BA in Finance! I lived in Moscow, Atlanta, Australia and now Los Angeles! I am a model, actress, fashionista and an angel investor.

When did you get into acting, fashion and blogging? How long have you been doing it?

I always loved acting and the idea of being able to share a story with the audience. I started to model and act when I was 15 in Moscow, I have been active on social media for the past 3 years and I use it as an outlet to express myself and share my values or opinions!

Do you see yourself as an “influencer”, and if so, what does that mean to you?

Lately the word “influencer” has received a bad connotation, to the point where I don’t like to call myself that. I prefer calling myself a public person. Whether you are on social media or not I believe we all influence each other whether we realize it or not. Of course anyone with a large following on social media has the ability to influence more people. Being an influencer is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

Social media and mental health concerns continue to be a topic of conversation. How do you balance your social media presence and personal life?

Social media can cause destruction, anxiety and depression because of comparison. So I believe in taking an active approach to managing your mental health. Don’t just hope to feel good when you wake up, have a morning routine that puts you in your happy state first thing in the morning and focus on sustaining that feeling throughout the day. What works for me is maintaining a healthy lifestyle; early rise, exercise routine, healthy eating and avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Also, be extremely selective in who you surround yourself with because depressed and anxious people will make you feel depressed and anxious as well.

If you were to give someone advice who is thinking about getting into social media and the world of influencing, what would it be?

Decide on your purpose first because social media can consume a lot of your time. You have to know why you are doing it and be specific about what value you can provide to your followers. Choose your niche carefully! Also, understand that it takes years before you are able to support yourself doing it.

What are some general words of wisdom you live by?

I live by the quote by Diana Vreeland “There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself”. In other words, create the life you want to have, don’t just wait for things to happen to you!

What is next for you in 2020?

I think 2020 will be an amazing year because I have many exciting projects that I am working on, to keep me very busy and happy!

You can reach Galina and view her adventures via Instagram: @galinaantonovala